Jul 29, 2007

Jam Sandwich Cookies

"Jam Sandwich Cookie," uploaded by creampuffsinvenice on

Sunday afternoon... I'm inside being pampered by air conditioning-- but feeling a bit blue. My Mac PowerBook G4 is sitting in the South Coast Plaza Apple store waiting to be shipped to Texas. Just when I started blogging, my Mac came down with an in-my-face thin vertical line dissecting my screen. In the 13 or so years that Mac and I have partnered together, I have only had 2 problems and the first one did not require sending my computer-- my mini me-- to another state. I don't like it. But, my options were to have it fixed in the Apple Store for $1000.00 plus, or send it off and pay a flat rate of $330.00. This decision did not require prayer and fasting... So, I am using my daughter's Toshiba laptop. It's not as user friendly and all my little nooks and crannies are missing, but I am getting to where I want to go.

Cross legged on the couch, I am doing what any red blooded, mental-pausal woman without her computer would do-- I am eating hommus with pita and looking at dessert photos. Reasonable, yes? I typed in tea sandwiches, found the stream of photos by "creampuffsinvenice" and sort of somersaulted into this picture perfect cookie! My hormones were immediately arrested!


  1. Creampuff is one of my all time favourite foodbloggers. her site is amazing as are those beautiful cookies.

    Cherry xx

  2. Me too! I have stumbled upon her goodies before, saved many of them to favorites, and even made a personal screen saver using many of her shots! What a gift she has! I have gone out many a time to a gourmet cupcake shop because of that screen saver!

    Thnx and xx back!


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