Jul 2, 2007


Today is my first official day of galumphing on my newly created blog! My creativity is being sparked as I find myself in a new abode -- with a barely-there budget -- and 2 adolescent boys energizing the foundations. I am eager to see where this blogging adventure takes me. Please climb aboard.


ShabbyInTheCity said...

A new blogger! Welcome, welcome. This is your casserole from the Shabby home :)
We spent our honeymoon in California. Also have two teen boys (well almost-one is 12)

Kj said...

Thanks for the warm welcome! This is really my cup of tea! I grew up in Long Beach, CA. My daughter is 20. Then I have 2 sons; 12 and 7. So, I have the "almost" a teen thing going on, too! I checked your profile and see that you are a Christian! Me too! (Check my updated profile and blog.) I noticed that you design web pages. How do I make my blog as beautiful as some of the ones I have seen? Many have gone beyond the blogspot templates and have incorporated their own beautiful designs. I would love your expertise. I would also enjoy hearing more about your antique business.