Jul 19, 2007

And the winner is...

The randomly magic moment has arrived! The Web-Warming has been a great deal of fun! It attracted good friends and some new souls whom I am delighted to meet!

Many of my friends were discovering blogs for the first time and not quite sure how to navigate and interact with this format. I know that some felt a bit intimidated, but for the most part, they were pleasantly surprised.

I was delighted to read all of the comments. This is my first blog-adventure, so it felt much like having guests into my home! I wanted to take out my best serving platters and offer refreshments!

Well, let's get down to business. There were 23 posts (visitors). I made a list from 1-23 and wrote down the name of each person in the order that they posted. I then went to, choosing to acknowledge the first number that was generated.

The selected number is "11"! And the winner is...Charisse! I know Charisse very well. She is a sweet, life-loving soul who is up-close-and-personal with Starbucks! Congratulations, Charisse! (I know where you live...) Charisse literally did stop by for a cup of coffee!

Thanks again to ALL OF YOU for visiting! This has been great fun! Don't make this your last visit! Adventures await, so please make this a regular stop on your way to other places!


  1. Happiness is:
    1. listening to your daughter sing wonderful praises to the Lord as if it will be the last time she will ever sing,
    2. watching your oldest granddaughter dance beautifully across the stage in a symbolic attempt to drive the devil out of our lives,
    3. searching the tumblers on stage to seek out your youngest grandson as he seriously endeavors to stay in sync with his fellow performers
    4. and smiling as your middle grandson comes to your theater seat to give you a hug during intermission.
    Love of the Lord, Family and Friends is the greatest blessing one can receive.


  2. Thank-YOU, MOMMY! How beautifully written! I woke Briana up from a nap and made her come to the computer as I read it aloud. This moment needed to be shared!

    Happiness for me on Sunday was knowing that my parents were in the audience! Since I was small, that has always mattered to me.

    Love YOU, kj


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