Jul 23, 2007

Vintage Apron Purchased from Ebay


I picked up this little goody on eBay awhile back. It was my first introduction to online bidding and I won! Yay! I display it on a cafe curtain rod, semi covering a kitchen door window. I love daylight peeking through the the roses.


I now live in a neighborhood that is largely Hispanic. Each afternoon, we are treated to cart vendors who sell shaved ice and steamy corn on the cob, buttered, salted and placed on a stick! (There are other seasonings for the less conventional.) Here I was, thinking that I would have to wait for my trip to the Orange County Fair, and the corn came to me first! A bike horn announces that the succulent corn is curbside and...wait, is that the corn horn?


  1. KJ, I love your vintage apron and the way you displayed it! Aren't they fun? Thanks so much for posting on my blog. I love yours, too. I can't believe you have only been blogging for such a short while. Your blog is beautiful! I'll be back to visit again soon...

  2. Karen...

    Thank you so much for your visit to my blog!! You have a special place here, one I plan to visit again and again! Karen I will be visiting my bible book store for the "Message Bible", oh how I enjoyed reading those passages through it! The apron is beautiful, I love aprons, and was lucky enough to find a sweet one at a local discount store. It even has roses on it, and I had to have it! Again welcome to blog land, and come back and visit soon...




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