Jul 11, 2007

Web-Warming Party and Giveaway!

To kick-start my new blog, I am hosting a Web-Warming Party! I will be giving away a $15.00 Starbucks Card to the WINNER! Here is all you need to do:
  1. Drop in for a visit at my new blog.
  2. Post a comment to this specific "Web-Warming Party" post– anything your little heart desires.
  3. Post only one comment under this heading. (You may comment freely on other posts.)
  4. The deadline for posting is July 18th at Midnight Pacific Time.
  5. That's it! On Thursday, July 19th, I will have select a winner based on the number of people who posted! So, check back on the 19th and find out who the winner is!


  1. A web-warming party! What a great idea! Count me in!! :-)

  2. Well, Karen how creative you are! I too love chocolate and surely enjoyed your new blog site. I am new to blogging. So I don't know if I am using the correct words. Boy, I am really going to find out who you really are. :) We are liking the same movies. I have to add to my favorites is "Giant" with Rock Hudson and Elizabeth Taylor. Of course, I have more favorites. I work right next to a Star Bucks so it would be nice to win the gift certificate. A web-warming party.....Karen you are too cute!
    Your tea friend,
    Gail Tobin

  3. Karen,

    I always knew you were extremely creative but this is really cool! I love Starbucks and would love to win the gift card.

    Except for finances, I absolutely love my life!!! God has so blessed my family with a "second chance" so to speak. We are happily settling into a pattern here in Oceanside. I really like exploring new areas and Oceanside and surrounding areas are fun to explore. San Diego County has much to offer. So if you are kind of tired of that same 'ole-same 'ole.....CHECK OUT THE SDC (San Diego County)!!!!

    Kathy Garelick

  4. nehw
    What an interesting site? I thought I'd say hello. So, "Hello!" See you at CTV. Sean

  5. Too cute! Keep up the good work. Bridget Bordeaux-Pool

  6. what a fun idea and happy I dropped in!! love your blog how fun!! and now off to peek at some more fun things!!! Hugs Linda
    will add you to mine too if ok!!!!

  7. I love giveaways!!! And Starbucks, the worlds best green tea fraps.

    Thanks so much!

  8. Karen, Gail told me about your web-warming party and giveway, so I'm signing in.

  9. Love it :D Miss your warm hugs & always interesting conversation. I am almost there to venture out on my creative outlets as well, but perhaps in a different country. That's the beauty of the Internet - it links us no matter where we live. I hope you find contentment in your new venture.

  10. Hey Karen dropping by your web warming. At a "warming" aren't YOU supposed to get the gifts? Have a wonderful day. See you soon.

  11. haha, well Karen I have never heard of a "web warming party" but it figures that it would be you who would introduce it to me, lol, sounds interesting, lol, love and see you later.

    on of your twinsies,

  12. Hey Karen,
    Just thought I'd drop by and leave you a comment. Isn't the show going great, I'm so excited for this weekend. God is going to do great and miraculous things. Well, I guess I'll see you at practice. Love you,

    Your other Twinsie,

  13. Yeah!! I love a good drawing--AND a good cup of coffee!! Thanks!
    Smiles, Karen

    I'm going to add you to my blog list so I can be sure and find you again!

  14. Thanks for the invite! I love your "Web-Warming party and giveaway" idea...cute, cute! And I really enjoyed Micheal singing to me...he's so cute!

  15. God is good all the time. In him we have mercy and grace.


  16. How Fun! I'm looking forward to enjoying your whimsical views. It will be a good spot to take a time out!


  17. Blogging - what a great opportunity for you to talk, KJ, with no immediate response. I should tell Len, the other talker about it.


  18. What a lovely idea. I like the web warming party concept. Very cool and I don't think many would complain about the great prize offered. I enjoyed a delicious strawberry frap just yesterday from Starbucks. It was heavenly.

  19. Well my dear friend, God has so blessed you with talent, a beautiful family, and a love for life.
    Now that you have had a web warming party, when is the new home warming party? I will bring dessert!
    Love, Laura

  20. Starbucks and coffee-- the loves of my life

  21. My Mom is the best mom in the world-- even if I don't win Starbucks. She's also the Queen of Blogs-- whatever that is...


  22. Hi KJ,
    Well I don't know what happened to my last comment, I can't find it in here. Perchaps it got gobbled up with all the sweets and of course least to say great coffee. Oh yes I can smell the aroma now. Well Karen as always you have comed up with another great idea. You are certantitely blessed with creativity. This will be fun. We may not be able to meet for coffee across the miles but here we can all sit, enjoy sip our hot coffee and chat our hearts away. Such fun. Well better go got to brew me up a fresh pot.

  23. Girlie, there is no end to the wonderful things you take on. I love the name...eye-dyllic...awesome! When we have our breakfast/lunch at Crepes and Grapes you will have to recreate the story for me that led up to this very fun blog spot.

    Love you, girlfriend!