Aug 2, 2007

Coffee Bean Giveaway

In honor of my first month of blogging and to follow the coffee themed posts that have been made, I am giving away 1 pound of whole bean Ethiopian Oromia Medium Roast Coffee! This is a 100% organic, fair trade coffee from Higher Grounds. This company is working towards protecting the rights of coffee producers in remote countries, and helping to keep their businesses sustainable while preserving the environment. They describe this particular coffee as "one of the world's most distinctive coffees with a complex floral bouquet and light, crisp notes of citrus and dark berries. A crisp, clean finish makes for a delectable cup!" Sound yummy? This coffee is also extremely compatible with cream.


  • Post a comment by clicking on the "comments" link beneath this text. ONLY ONE POST PER GUEST.
  • The deadline to post is midnight on Thursday, August 9th.
  • The winner will be selected by Feel free to invite your friends to enter.


  1. Ooo! I just came to visit you via Fifi! I have met some really cool cyber friends through her blog! .YaY! Coffee! I am a Coffee0holic! I a msupposed to be takiong a computer "break" heh heh..but here I am!

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog! I would love so sign up for some delicious coffee! Thanks! Laurie

  3. Thank you for visiting me and am I ever glad you did! My family is coffee crazy. My son may be doing mission work with coffee farmers in SA next year. Your blog is so yummy! Love your links, recipes and of course the coffee posts!

  4. Congratulations! Blogging is a pleasure, isn't it? And so is coffee - the two together make for a nice interlude...

  5. Thanks so much for your visit and sweet comments to the blog this morning... I would love to sign up for the coffee, it sounds delicious...



  6. Compatible with ice cream??? Count me in!! LOL

    Smiles, Karen

  7. Hi! Thanks so much for your visit!!! I also love coffe, I drink 2-3 cups a day!!!

  8. I found your blog from your comment on CoffeeTeaAndMe's blog. I would love to be included in your coffee drawing. I love coffee and I love great coffee even more. Connie W, @ Simply Quilted.

  9. Count me in for a chance at free coffee..YES!! I love coffee, strong and black!
    Found your blog through Brin.
    Wishing you well on your day I will join this blogging world.

  10. I did a search on my own blog (my 2nd one...Sunnyhuckle Designs) and found you!!! We are so alike...I am 45 with 3 kids (husband too :)love Michael W. and A Walk in the Clouds...and was in the Sound of Music!!
    Welcome to this happy world of blogging.

  11. I just ordered my son some coffee from Africa for his birthday. He love one more. Just found your blog today. Nice....

  12. Rich and dark, steamy hot with some cream please. I can smell the aroma now.

  13. Hi, Thank you for visiting my blog. I hope you will visit often.

    I adore a good cup of coffee & have a tendency to enjoy too many cups.....oh the heartburn...LOL

    You asked about pictures in blog headers....there should be a place in the template for that. I worked mainly with the SCRIBE template so don't really know much about the template you are using. Search sites like Dummies Guide to Google Blogging & Blogging Basics 101, Tips for new Bloggers............if you search you will find the answers. You don't need to know HTML, you'll probably find the codes you need, then just paste them in your template. I hope this info has helped you....create a test blog to try new things.

    Think I'll make a pot of coffee. My H broke my french press!!!

  14. coffee, is there a morning without it?? or an evening? In Europe it's the first thing friends and family do, pour a cup of coffee and sit down and enjoy each other's company. (like I'm enjoying yours right now)


  15. Hi!
    thanks for visiting Sweden! And thank you for your kind words.
    May I ask what American blog you found me on? just curious!
    God bless
    Ingela :)

  16. Me again!
    You might not have noticed, but I have written quite a bit in English, in italics.
    So Scandinavian ancestry or not - there should be something you can understand!
    (and, as Swedes always finish, as soon as they feel adequately familiar with sb...)
    ...hugs :)

  17. Free Coffee ...and organic at that! What fun! I just learned to drink coffee three summers ago. I have known Karen for a long time and I am glad to be a part of her life still even though we live 4000 miles away!

  18. Please hop over to my blog, you've been tagged with a fun project.

  19. Never to old to learn,French press huh? I love my coffee and will visit often to read about all you coffeewisdom!! Lori

  20. Just love what you have done with your blog so far...Thank you for sharing your gifts from above! Looking forward to coming back for a cup of coffee and a breath of fresh air!

    Hugs from Annie

  21. I'm so happy that you were able to retrieve your laptop. Apparently your hard drive was not erased. I love the music that you have added to your blog site. I played it several times. As I was reading what you have written to date, I was wondering if you have sent your blog website to your Aunts. I think that they would love to see and enjoy your pretty site. Every time I read what you have written, I learn something new about you. Miss you!!!! Love, MOM

  22. Hi I think you will find that blogging is not only a great form of self-expression, but a beautiful way to meet people with similar interests. I just found your blog through following the yellow brick road of Links...can't even remember how, but I love it. I hope you enjoy it. You are off to a great start!

  23. Well, I posted elsewhere, and so now I am posting in the proper spot. Love ya Karen! Laura

  24. Coffee - the elixir of life :D
    Thank you so much for including me!
    I'm in...


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