Aug 27, 2007

Can you come out and play?

Magical moments happen when I open children's books. Perhaps it's because there is still a young girl very alive within me. She still skips with me and holds my hand. She reminds me to laugh and squeal with delight and engage my curiosity! She is a capricious soul, tending her little playhouse of pleasures. She invites me to play, and I need that...

Jenny Beck Harris is a celebrated illustrator of children's books! She has a blog entitled All Sorts and a very child-indulgent site called Virtual Softie. When you visit Virtual Softie, you will immediately to enticed to play! The artwork is colorful and happy. And, by clicking and dragging some choice accessories, you will be able to play dress-up with a blue-eyed sweetie who welcomes you with open arms!


Daughter of the King said...

Love many of them too....and give me a good old Barbie coloring book with a box of 64 Crayola's....and to be laundry will get done at my house...
just love your blog..your wit...

KJ said...

Oh yeah... I can get lost in coloring. The more colors, the more lost I get!

Thank-YOU, Deby for your kind comments!


Carmen Alexandra, Novelist & Poet said...

Thank you, kj, for your kind words about my poetry. I linked to Bunnies Bungalow ~ cute site.

Julie Marie said...

Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting. I have had great pleasure reading yours. I am sure I will be returning to it.

I forgot to celebrate my 100th post. I guess I'll have to mark the 200th instead.

I collect "antique" and vintage children's books because I love the illustrations so much.


melissa @ the inspired room said...

Hello! I just stopped by on a little blog visit trip!

You have a lovely place here and I am enjoying my visit!

Thanks for sharing!