Aug 1, 2007

Deja Brew

Deja Brew: The feeling that you've had this coffee before.
- Author Unknown -

For me, "deja brew" ended when coffee really introduced itself to me. A long time coffee drinker, I had imbibed what I believed to be decent and even extraordinary coffee. And like most avid coffee drinkers, I had lived through far more unpleasant coffee experiences than positive. (I can still taste some of those bitter memories!) Sure, the chic coffee cafés enlightened me to what coffee becomes, all dolled up with cream, artificial flavors, and sugar. And, I have indulged in the more finely tuned espresso fare. All wonderful, but I was still looking for that je ne sais quoi-- that indescribable "something".

Then I discovered the French Press... You might as well know that when I discover something, it's as if my name has been added to history books! If it wasn't in my mind, it didn't exist. Of course, this is only my initial reaction until I am forced to make a landing. Then I feel slightly overlooked because no one told me sooner.

The French Press, or the press pot, was a revelation for me: an epiphany, the crème de la crème! I dare not add "coffee maker" to the end of French Press since it doesn't "make" the coffee; it allows coffee to be what it always has been, au naturel! With this method, coffee is no longer subjected to having its true character boiled into oblivion. I equate this to a world class singer being insulted and diminished by a mediocre sound system. The gift is beautiful; the mode of delivery is impaired.

After purchasing my French Press, I was naturally intimidated by a new methodology. Like anything, a French Press can produce less than "flavor-able" results if directions are not followed. However, once I found my routine, I was deliciously pleased.

My first sip exploded with aroma I didn't think coffee could produce. The flavors were robust, ceremoniously stepping up to my palette like a processional bearing gifts! It delighted me with
force majeure! Much like multi-layered perfumes, I was delighted with fruity, nutty, smoky, and even floral tastes that were intoxicating.

If you have never tried French Press coffee, I encourage you to do so. has an incredible primer and tutorial that will remove intimidation and answer any questions you might have. It's waiting at the link above. And, I would love your feedback s'il vous plaît!

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