Aug 22, 2007

Featured Blog: 100 Years of Illustration - Paul Giambarba

This is a fabulously intriguing blog by Paul Giambarba, a prestigious illustrator, designer, and author. This site is a virtual museum where the visitor can saunter down illustrious aisles of scrumptious artwork, pausing to read interesting facts behind the artist and illustrations. The archives are impressive, featuring artists such as Charles Dana Gibson of Gibson Girl fame, Norman Rockwell, and French illustrator Maurice Boutet de Monvel.

This Norman Rockwell illustration appeared on the cover of Saturday Evening Post on August 5, 1939. It is one of many magazine covers compiled in Norman Rockwell: 332 Magazine Covers and are copyright © 1979 by Cross River Press, Ltd., and Copyright © Curtis Publishing Co. wherever applicable.


  1. I'm glad to have stumbled upon your lovely blog. You have many lovely posts to see and read. I so enjoyed my visit. I will definitely visit frequently :)

  2. By the way, I love the Pete Fountain is beautiful. I'm afraid I am going to have to look for it and purchase it because I've fallen in love with it and will have to send one to my mom whom I know will also fall in love with it :)

    Many thanks for your choice in music.

  3. Hello and thank you so much for commenting in one of my blogs. You too, are a lover of the original 'Victoria' magazine.

    I lost faith with it, when it changed to a version of 'Country Living' and seemed only to promote women's enterprises. {Nothing wrong with either of those topics, but they were not what I subscribed to 'Victoria' for.}

    But I checked in again, and toward the end, they had gotten 'back on track.' So it was doubly sad, when they stopped publishing. -sigh-

    But from the sound of all the info which new Victoria magazine is putting out, they do intend to return to their roots. :-))) We sooo hope.

    Again, thank you so much for leaving a comment, so I could come and visit with you, at your blog.

    Hugs, Mari-Nanci

  4. Helena:

    This proves that when it comes to blocks, "stumbling" is a good thing! I am tickled that you did! Your blog-- newer like mine-- looks like you have been doing it for quite awhile! Perhaps it's because you spent 2 years researching other blogs first. And, you obviously know what you love!

    I also noticed that you had the same music widget, so the the Pete Fountain music could even be purchased there-- or through iTunes.

    Hope to see you back here soon! I will be visiting you as well!


    Hi Mari-Nancy:

    I didn't realize that Victoria magazine returned to it's roots before the magazine's demise. They had compromised so much that I just didn't want to invest my money there any longer.

    I am hearing good reports, but I haven't spoken to anyone who has actually seen the first edition. I am hopeful.

    Looking forward to future chats...

    Blessing to you both!

  5. No I don't have any French ancestors, but my husband has. :-) I do love my name though, and it does have a pretty and a French sound to it. And I love French decoration. Oh sigh yes.

    Always wanted to see Paris. And for our 40th Wedding Ann., my husband gave me/us 8 wonderful Spring days in Paris, in 1999. Magnifique! I'm so glad we went then, because I'm often not enamoured of how many Europeans view America now. -sigh- But I never deal in politics, in 'Pretty Blog Land,' so... that's not a subject for here. :-)

    And when I wanted to make another blog, more for 'wonderings' and museings ~~ the French version of the name, was so much more lyrical than the English version is. Dans l'esprit d'une grand-mère just has to sound more lyrical than '~~In the mind of a Grandmother~~', doesn't it? -smile- So that is the story behind the name of that blog.

    Then, my others are just photos. Photos-City-Mine is just what it says... I love living in a very pretty city, which is grateful for its surviving Victorian era buildings, and maintains them. And I wanted to make a record of many spots, in my city. Not only to show to people who come by now... but as a keep-sake for my Grandchildren too.
    I hope you will visit there, too. When you have time.

    And then my Seasons Snapshots is just that... A compilation of views of the changing Seasons, where I live.


  6. Hello, you have visited in Hiekkaolivia. Nice to see your blog.

  7. Hi Mari-Nanci! I finally spelled your second name correctly. My apologies! Thank-you for the very informative background of your blogs. It's always nice to know how things have been birthed!

    We have old Victorians in Long Beach where I was born. Many are sweetly kept up. Others have the misfortune of being surrounded by low income areas. There are some extravagant mansions still lavishly maintained. And in many of the cities that still have old downtown areas (Claremont, Orange, Monrovia) there are charming Victorians with gorgeous gardens!

    Thanks for your visit!


  8. Welcome Taikeri! I hope you come back for many visits!

    Hyvästi Karen


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