Aug 21, 2007

First Field Trip: Paris to the Moon

I finally made it to Paris to the Moon in Costa Mesa, California! I even called for the store hours beforehand! Fancy that... Once again, the freeways were kind to me and I arrived with plenty of time to drink in the carbonated energy of this unusual shop!

My first positive connection with the store was meeting Kerri Judd. She is not the owner, but she is the Empress of Inspire, managing the shop's ebb and flow. She has an engaging childlike enthusiasm for all things creative and we were immediately on the same page.

Speaking of pages, Kerri co-authored a book with Danyel Montecinos entitled, Crowns & Tiaras. It's a whimsically wonderful book encouraging women to don their crowns and live the regal life! It is packed with one-of-a-kind projects from well known mixed-media artists, including Pam Garrison, the one whose blog introduced me to Paris to the Moon. This book just happened to be on my Wish List, so I purchased a copy and had Kerri sign it. Kerri addressed it to "Her Royal Highness Karen: The Drama Queen." My mandate? Walk loftily and carry a big sceptor...

The store also carries 2 other books listed on my Wish List– an excellent reason for a return visit! The merchandise oozes nostalgia, vintage chic, French flair, and even some "gaudy"! My purchase was modest; however, I plan to return for the Summer Artist Market this Saturday, August 25th. It will feature a number of mixed-media artists.

This was my very first photo journaling field trip. For your perusal, I have included a variety of photos that help to capture the peculiar nature of this store.

Before you get too excited, this statuesque bust is not for sale. However, I was intrigued by the luminous backlight and the ephemera surrounding it.

Here is the same bust looking like it belongs on Disney's Pirates ride.

Eye-full towers of treasures!

Beautiful handmade blankets accompanied by vintage style!

I don't want to grow up!!!

Tags for sale! Handmade gift tags for that extra special touch!

More froufrou!

And here is Crowns & Tiaras, along with some lovely reminders of my childhood.

949 642-0942
(There is no website as of yet.)

Note: Clicking on the photos will enlarge the details to almost life-sized proportions.


ShabbyInTheCity said...

Thanks for taking me Karen! I'd surely never get to go otherwise :)
I'd love to own a shop like that with lots of whimsy and ideas...

Tea Time and Roses said...

Hi Karen...

I am on a much needed end of summer break, but I just had to stop and say hello! Costa Mesa, how close we were! I will be planning a trip soon to the shop, it looks wonderful! Lots of just what I love...



Sharon said...

Great photo journalism, makes me want to travel all the way across the country just to visit this enchanting shop.

smilnsigh said...

I just recently read a blog, whose owner was thrilled to have received Crowns & Tiaras in the mail!


KJ said...

Yes, Mari-Nancy, I have even entered several blog giveaways and I think one may have include Crowns and Tiaras. I haven't been notified yet as to being a winner-- but I'm hopeful! I'm sure your friend will enjoy the book. It is filled with whimsy!


Mary said...

I've heard of this shop - it appears a riot of color and creativity. Thanks Karen for taking me on a tour - wish I was on that coast to pay a visit.

darren said...

we know have a web sight !
thanks for the blog!