Aug 16, 2007

More galumphing...

Is it possible to have cabin fever in the summer? I've checked outside– just to be sure– and I'm definitely not snowed in! Let me see, the definition of cabin fever is: extreme irritability and restlessness from living in isolation or a confined indoor area for a prolonged time. There's nothing mentioned about snow.

I should take into account that I have two sons ages 7 and 12.5 (the eldest on perpetual restriction which ultimately restricts me) and I'm going through some stage of mental-pause. Add to this the fact that we have one vehicle and my husband is using it to rebuild our empire after a $6000.00 move. Did I mention that I won't be taking a vacation this summer? Translated; I'm stranded and I'm ready to do creative things with duct tape!

I tried to grab a therapeutic walk on two occasions. The first walk was by myself and I was no sooner into my journey when a neighbor offered me a ride. Justifying my acceptance by assuring myself that I would still be walking home, I ran into another friend at the shopping center. Yes, I could have said "no" both times, but the word got stuck. The second time I actually walked quite a distance to a donut shop with my sons. I optimistically tried to walk the apple fritter off on the return trip. So much for walking...

Today, during California's peak afternoon commute, I seized control of the car keys and headed for Costa Mesa. My destination was a fanciful shop called Paris to the Moon– something I had just discovered through Tales from a Little FrenchGardenHouse. I was so stark-raving-don't-mess-with-me determined to go that I didn't bother to check the traffic report or call for shop hours. Miraculously, I soared to my destination! Once there, I pressed my face against the entrance window and peered longingly into a semi-dark store.

Admittedly, a bicycle chained near the back door had given me hope. However, I was impressed with how calmly I returned to my vehicle. With a backwards glance, I took quick inventory of the treasures that had filled my eye-gates, observing that this detached building was not much bigger than a 2-car garage.

Now, with my eyes off the prize, I surveyed the neighborhood. I was in familiar turf. I galumphed over to Mother's Market, a huge health food store, and purchased most of dinner. I then went to Greek Town Grill and ordered some moussaka to go. Food soothes the soul...

If at first you don't succeed... Yes, I will be trying again tomorrow. I have duct tape you know...


  1. Do you know where I would end up if I walked to a store???
    Dollar General :) or the emergency room with or the other. I'd be no good for sure if I had access to the places you Cali girls have!!
    So today I was wandering in Wal-Mart waiting upon a photo cd...and wishing I had some amazing project to submit to Stampington...something JUMPED out at me (I wasn't scared...expecting it actually...) So I came home and made miracles happen on the kitchen table. I will show them soon! But you know what...they want 'professional' photos only I take my project to Olan Mills??? HHHaaa!

  2. We Californians are spoiled! After a recent trip to beautiful Colorado, my daughter admitted that she couldn't leave California to live there. Mountains, beaches, deserts, modern and historic locations, entertainment, shops of every kind... When I have free time, it's almost difficult to decide where I am going since my list is becoming ever longer.

  3. Come on back over here and see what the Old Sarge did with your comment.

  4. teach me how to put the music in the background, I like that


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