Aug 11, 2007

Non_Cents | June 06 Artistamp ATCs

From - Uploaded on June 21, 2006
by renmeleon

Life is like a postage stamp… You may get licked, stuck in a corner, stamped upon, and sent from post to post; however, you will always reach your destination if you will only stick to it!

"Be like a postage stamp. Stick to one thing until you get there!"
-Josh Billings

[This montage is a compilation of several different artists.]


  1. I am very pleased that you stopped back by, my crying turned out to PTSD and the VA has been very helpful, just so you know. I had become worse over 30 years since Vietnam, I finally had to have help.

    Looking forward to more visits.

  2. Hi again....I really need to practice on my english isn´t so good as it has been. I do sell my bunnies but only in a small scale. For now I am home with my daughter but going back to work in october. I am working as a nurse.
    It was really interesting to hear about the history of your family. Talk to you again hopefully.

  3. Hi Lisa!

    My goodness, your English is amazing! Underbar! Now, don't get too excited. I had to go to a special dictionary to retrieve that word. But, I love language and this will give me a reason– förnuft or motiv– to learn some Swedish! You can be my fröken. I just wish I could hear you say the words.

    What wing of the hospital do you work in?

    And, we will talk again...

    Hugs, kj

  4. Hi KJ:
    Glad to meet you. I am writing you an e-mail right now, neighbor : )
    Tell Phyllis thank you; ask her how she keeps me in line : ) hee, hee

  5. Hi! of course I can be your fröken!:) its great to learn new languages, you never know when you need it. I work at a nursing home. If you visit the page you can hear some´s a newspaper. Talk to you later.

  6. hello...i saw you in min lilla verandas english is not god..PIA

  7. Welcome Carole and Pia!

    Carole: I will be sure to ask Miss Shabby about how she keeps you in line... You have my curiosity stirred! Thanks for dropping by!

    Pia: Your English is fine! I enjoyed going to your blog! Your hearts are very cute! Did you make them?


  8. Lisa:

    Tack min fröken!

    Working in a nursing home must give you many opportunities to show love to those dear people.

    I went to the Swedish television site and watched a piece about Elvis and his Birthday this month! I have never heard about Elvis in Swedish before!

    Hugs, kj

  9. *big smile*...kram means huges....!:) it could have been kind of funny if it had meant cream...the word "kräm" is the right term for cream. I have just put my litele one in bed fore the night and its peaceful in our home. Don´t get me wrong, I love her with all my heart but you had children right? so you know what I mean. Kram kram


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