Aug 28, 2007

Orange Julius

Here in Southern California, I don't see much of Orange Julius anymore. The chain was everywhere during my childhood. One look at their bright orange logo would send my taste buds into a tizzy! I miss the creamy, frothy orange sweetness of their signature beverage! I know that Dairy Queen bought them out. If Orange Julius still exists in the local malls, I wouldn't know since I shop mostly in old town districts and at charming detached shops.

However, I am sharing a simple, refreshing recipe that revisits the joys of Orange Julius! It's a sweet treat to beat summer heat!


• 1 cup orange juice
• 1 cup water
• 2 egg whites
• 3/4 teaspoon vanilla extract
• 1/4 cup granulated sugar
• 1 heaping cup ice

Combine all of the ingredients in a blender set on high speed for exactly 1 minute.

Note: You can always adjust the water level if you want the orange flavor to be more predominant.


  1. Oh, thank you for this. I will definitely copy the recipe. We still do have an Orange Julius here but I seldom get to it as I hardly ever go to the mall.

    My newest little indulgence: a lemon gelato from the new kiosk that recently opened in the other mall.


  2. Oh, thank you for that. I will definitely copy the recipe. We still do have an Orange Julius but I hardly ever get to it as I seldom go to the mall.

    My newest little indulgence: a lemon gelato from the kiosk that recently opened in the other mall.

  3. Ooooo, gelato! Italian gelato places are quite the rage now here. There is a place I especially love near the Orange Town Circle. The flavors are like a fantasy! I've even had watermelon gelato! Yummy!


  4. Hej! ('hey')
    Frid means peace, and hem means home. Guess if it felt right to set up home in the house of peace!

    Kram :)

  5. Hi! ;) the muffins at my blog were kind of ....well not as they should have been ;) but they tasted good so Magnus were happy. It´s a swedish recipe, they were ment to bee a bit loose in the middle but it became more like a hard cookie. Suger as suger you know!:) Know it is autum here and cold and the leaves are coming of the trees. Big hug to you and have an nice day. Oh, I forgot what a beautiful picture! Lisa

  6. Thanks for visiting and I love that drink and I will copy and try it out. We do not have them around in the Ohio area any more. Love the picture of the big orange flower. Sharon KSKZ123@AOL.COM

  7. Go to Disney World.....they have a shop there called Orange Julius....and yes they are wonderful.

  8. Gelato is wonderful. I could never understand why it took Americans so long to discover my favorite Italian treat. Now if we don't Americanize it, I'll be happy.

    I haven't seen an Orange Julius in years maybe because I hate malls. Ha. They never seemed to branch out of that setting to my knowledge, but when my mom would drag me shopping, we'd always stop for one.

  9. Sheila: Here in So. Cal., we had Orange Julius stands that were not connected with malls. In fact, they they didn't move into malls until much later. So, a typical drive through town could easily place several Orange Julius stands in my path.

    And, I'm with you on gelato! Now here this Americans: ENJOY IT, BUT LEAVE IT ALONE!



  10. I haven't seen an Orange Julius in years~ but it does bring back memories from childhood.
    Thanks for the recipe!

  11. Oh...thanks for this recipe! I'm thinking... you must be around my age...I remember very well enjoying "Orange Julius"...I've missed it!

  12. i am looking for the origanal orange julius recipe. my husband had it but threw it out and now he wants it again. can someone send me it thanks msity.


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