Aug 23, 2007

The Romance of the Nest

After reading DebraK’s post entitled “The Nest” from her blog, the Bunnies’ Bungalow, I began to consider my own nesting space. In a 3-bedroom home with a family of 5, I have need of more than one nest. My French inspired boudoir is my most intimate place of escape and repose, except that my husband works in the early mornings and sleeps during the day. With this room mostly unavailable, my only existing option is our spacious living room.

DebraK’s nest photo showed an inviting white sofa with luxurious throw blankets and pillows in burgundy, gold, and white. I took pause as I pictured my 2 sons on a white sofa– too painful! Instead, my sage colored recliner sofa is resilient enough for large servings of boyhood, and easily transformed into a cozy nest. (I am certain that I have experienced zero gravity on this couch!)

My solid oak desk is sometimes the best nest, although it is located in the living room: the epicenter. It is definitely not a quiescent oasis, but it does afford me the opportunity to open wide the valves of my expression. I’m able to capture, process and even soliloquize. I find freedom in the cleansing.

Yes, my desk is also home to technology and electrical cords. Nevertheless, a true romantic– and I am one– carves out her space. Even lacking physical walls, a nest is defined by its building materials and the treasures it holds. And, my desk haven does abound with romantic treasures.

Romance, however, is sometimes a mixed-media affair. My desk is bedecked with magnolia flower bookends that brace books ranging from a hymnal to volumes on writing style. A brass desk bell is within reach for when I am needful of attention (I’ll settle for the moans of my children). A tea light flickers through dried flowers pressed between glass, and partners with the thousands of illuminated pixels from my laptop. I hear the smooth jazz strains of “Stranger on the Shore” from my blog and then, "VLADIMIR GUERRERO HITS ONE STRAIGHT-AWAY-CENTER AND IT'S OVER THE FENCE!" My husband bellows, my almost teenage son squeaks with undecided vocal cords, and the televised Los Angeles Angels game has fans jumping in joyful chorus! Our two worlds merge suddenly.


  1. Thanks for telling me all about your nest. As I was reading about your desk I was picturing you surrounded by your family.

    A nest can be any place that has the ability to carry you away, even for a few treasured moments.

    My white couch is actually 11 yrs old & is much more durable than it looks. It's an easy care fabric & we occasionally sit on it to eat! I've slept on it, g-kids jump on it & hopefully I'll be able to nest there a long, long time.

  2. Ahhh, the joys of a busy, vibrant household!! lol I do thank God and my hubby for my large little craftroom in the basement--my oasis!
    Smiles, Karen

  3. I posted on my nest as well~ and linked to you.
    Hope you don't mind =D


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