Aug 20, 2007

You B-log to me...

After making many satisfying visits to other blogs, I have returned to my own blog-home with a sense of joy that I now belong to this warm community! In fact, in my playful pup sort of way I even exclaimed, "You B-log to me," on one of my returns! You can groan if you like...

Since July 2nd of this year, I have already had over 500 perusals of my profile. (I did discover, while making minor adjustments to my profile, that Blogger counts my visits as well.) Even my heritage is well represented in that I have had visits from the United Kingdom, Denmark, Norway, France, and Portugal! And, I am well over half way to my 100th post. I'm planning a humdinger of a celebration, too!

Today, as the above photo evokes images of a relaxing spa experience, I decided to do an acrostic on the word PAMPER. I enjoy looking up common words and while looking up pamper, I found out that it probably originates from the Dutch word pamperen– and that it's archaic meaning is "to cram with rich food: glut"! No wonder I love the word!

I invite you to post your own versions of this acrostic and what the word represents to YOU.

Attention to self
Meaningful diversion
Premeditated nap
Enjoy each moment


  1. As a follow-up to my July 24th post entitled "20/20," I stumbled upon some relief for my pocketbook! I was referred to a place in Placentia called Ultimate Discount. There I found a bundled package of 2 pairs of reading glasses and 3 cases! I paid $7.99 instead of the usual $10.00 plus for one pair of glasses without the case. It helps that this store is stocked with retired Costco merchandise. With all the misplacing and breakage of my eyeglasses, my husband will thank me. And, it doesn't hurt that Jo-Ann's and Tuesday Morning are located on the same piece of property.
  2. Speaking of Jo-Ann's– They are having a sale that features discounts up to 40% off on ALL of their papercrafting supplies! I picked up a Crop-a-dile and the newest Fall Matstacks for 40% off! The sale concludes on August 25th.
  3. Today, I get to take a gorgeous layaway item home! I will be sure to include a photo!


  1. Premeditated nap! Ha! Can you be convicted for that?

    P~Pair yourself with someone fun
    A~Arrange an outing to a new place you are curious about
    M~Make time for your activity
    P~Pour yourself into it~
    E~Everything is an adventure!
    R~Remember sweet times like this later!

  2. Well, done Miss Shabby! You get an A+! Can I be that "someone fun"?

    Miss KJ

  3. Reading your post nearly tempted me to abandon my plans for today (working at the longarm) and running to JoAnns but I am resisting. It's a good 30-mile drive and there would go my day, albeit fun, but not on the list of things I must accomplish. Unless I recklessly cave in...

  4. Hi Connie!

    I am smiling because here in Southern California I have so many Jo-Ann locations within 30 minutes from me. The closest one is 5 minutes away. So, you can see why we Californians don’t have any money!!! Tee hee! I admire your strength and will power.

    To keep things relative, I am finally making it back to Paris to the Moon today. I have been trying since Friday. Now that drive is around 30 minutes because it’s in Costa Mesa and the freeway ends and becomes congested beach traffic. Hopefully, they will allow me to take photos for my blog. The content of this store is not like any other I have seen in SoCal. The merchandise looks a lot like many of the blogs into papercrafts; using ephemera, trinkets, etc.

    What is the longarm? It almost sounds Texan. Do enlighten me..

    Oh happy day!


  5. You need to stop by and check out my awwwwwwwwwwww factor.......

  6. Yuo also have a really beautiful blog. Amazing pictures...Its wonderful to get to know peolple who has the same interests as me :)

    -Sanna from Finland

  7. It's so nice to hear that you enjoy visiting my blog!

    The phrase on the bench says "...the thougt of sitting there on a summermorning...".

    I'll pop-in to you soon again!


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