Sep 9, 2007

Today's Bouquets

After a long nap I'm burning some midnight oil. I'm feeling a fraction of this "wind a-whooping" this early morning. The patio sliding glass door is open and a crispy cool breeze is cascading through the screen. What a tremendous difference from one week ago! Autumn is in the air, although it is not beyond summer to throw in a few more heated punches.

I woke up with a great deal of disappointment yesterday. I seem to be in a season of good-byes, letting go, and embracing change. There are repetitious issues that have become wearisome; concerns that are being ignored. Things have been breaking or malfunctioning. Doors have closed and doors have opened...

Rather than belabor the nitty-gritty, I've poured myself a cup of lemon ginger tea and I'm ready to enjoy a few bouquets. Disappointment is nothing but a gloomy cloud that temporarily slips between life and sunshine.

Today's Bouquets:

  • On Saturday morning, I walked into a Von's supermarket just in time to see 3 Firefighters paying for their groceries. A moment of inspiration hit meactually something I had wanted to do for a long time. So, I rushed my coarse and returned with a Von's gift card. Before I could figure out how to discreetly handle this blessing, the cashier asked if I needed assistance. Now, with the full attention of the checkout line, I explained my mission to a smiling reception. I was then directed to Customer Service to expedite the transaction. The Firefighters were surprised and grateful, and I left the store knowing that my day had just shifted into high gear.
  • I headed off to Catch the Vision, the performing arts studio where I teach Voice and Drama. We were having an Open House to attract interest to the Music Department. The colorful decorations were cheerful and inviting. Our guests nibbled on refreshments while enjoying a wide range of performances from the studio's teachers and students. Sean Warnecke, the Music Director, wrapped up the event with several blues and gospel numbers, ending with contemporary worship. It was a perfect time!
  • When dinnertime arrived, my hubby and 2 sons wanted Taco Bell. This did not resonate with me, so off I went to Miyako for Japanese takeout. I ordered crunch roll and a salmon salad. I was given a free mug of hot green tea while I waited. After receiving my order, I was surprised with a free green tea ice cream cone, which was history before I pulled into my driveway. Isn't "free" a wonderful word?
  • My 7-year old son, Brock, begins 2nd grade at a new elementary school tomorrow! We received favor for an inter-district transfer! Brock is ecstatic that he doesn't have to wear a uniform and he has already prepared his first show-and-tell speech.
  • Our coffeemaker bit the dust. So, my husband, Barry, and my daughter, Briana, are learning the art of French Press. Aaaah, life is good!
  • Today, my family and I were preparing to enter Target for school shopping when my son found a $100 bill in the parking lot!
This is a vintage illustration from a children's book. I am not sure what this little bugger is admiring at the tip of the branch. Coming from a children's story it could be anything. Any ideas?


  1. Haven't a clue what he's looking at, but I love those vintage illustrations. I collect old vintage children's books just for the illustrations.

    I had a perfectly awful day (which included almost being arrested - I'll blog about it later), but I try to find the silver lining. As in: I did NOT get arrested and I can smell the lovely roast beef cooking in the oven. And I am about to start a book about North Dakota recommended by my Arkansas friend Lila at Indigo Pears.

    Some days you might as well stay in bed.


  2. P. S. I forgot to mention: What a wonderful, wonderful thing you did for those firefighters.


  3. Hi KJ, It sounds like you had a great day! I love the music on your blog - so relaxing. Thanks for visiting my blog too!

  4. KJ another winning post as usual. Love what you did for the fire fighters.

  5. you did good!

    don't know what the thing is eyeing in the tree...

  6. Karen what a kind thing you did for those firefighters... I believe that was the highest that little bug had ever climbed for his friends had told him there was indeed a bug heaven. On the tip of the branch he balanced so carefully peering into the sky, for bug heaven had to be there among the clouds way up in the sky!


    Beverly :o)

  7. WOW! You did a kind thing & received it back.
    What comes around goes around.
    Do unto others.

    Whatever the little bug is looking at, he sure is cute.
    Loved this post.

  8. Do you think that the bug (which looks like a beetle) may have packed his suitcase and is moving to another spot because it is autumn and he knows he is going to lose all the leaves on his tree? He needs to hunt for a warm place to spend the winter.

    Finding the money in the parking lot was a gift from the Lord for your kind donation to the firemen. I hope that Brock got some cute shirts to go with practical pants for school. By the way, has he found his jacket yet? He will need one soon for school. I will keep an eye out for any jackets in his size if I have time before we leave.

  9. Ah, it wonderful having my Mommy visit me on my blog! We don't live that far from one another, but I was only 5 minutes away before moving to La Habra. Now, it takes 25 to 30 minutes depending on the our inadequate freeways. It feels like I left the state!


  10. It sounds as if you have many wonderful things in your life to put your focus on. That's the key to a happy life, I think. To do the best you can with all that comes your way, and embrace the people and moments that bring you happiness.
    Thank you for your kind comment. I appreciate it.

  11. Dearest...have I told you recently how much I love your outlook on life and the way you express it?! You inspire me to see all of lifes beauty, when the ugly is right in my face.
    Tomorrow! Crepes and Grapes for breakfast, my treat, call me!!
    Love you!


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