Sep 16, 2007

Cats in the Window Pumpkin - Uploaded on October 17, 2006 by artbeco

This design was carved into a realistic Styrofoam pumpkin (found in craft stores) using an exacto knife. The possibilities are endless. This particular artist has created many different themes, a few of which can be viewed by clicking the above link. The beauty of Styrofoam is that the labor intensive carving is preserved for future enjoyment. I would use the battery operated flicker lights to prevent meltdown.

Today's Bouquets:
  • My friend, Torri Deming, treated me to breakfast yesterday at Crepes & Grapes in Uptown Whittier, California. That in itself was a glorious bouquet! The sweet and savory crepes were pleasing to the palette, and the fellowship of a faithful friend was even better! Our breakfast segued well into mid-afternoon. It was surprising how unaware of time we were.
  • While at Crepes & Grapes, I noticed a cheery, round faced man with twinkling eyes, a white beard and mustache, and long white locks pulled into a ponytail. He was seated with his wife and friends next to a picture window. Towards the end of his meal, he slipped into the restroom directly behind our table. Boy, was I prepared for him when he came out. "This is for you," I told him as I handed him a quickly scribbled note. Without flinching, he looked down at the note which read: Karen Miller, bicycle. He looked at me and asked, "How old is this person." I replied matter-of-factly, "It's me." He asked me if I had a preference and I told him, "Pink with high handle bars so that I don't have to bend forward." "Alright," he finished and I caught one last twinkle in his eyes. He walked back to his table and returned with an adorable business card that boldly displayed a mirthful color photo of him in full Santa Claus garb. Torri returned from the powder room towards the end of my conversation with Santa. She laughed and of course wanted her own photo. I now have a head start on Christmas!


  1. Wow, an encounter with the real Santa! Now you'll get your Christmas wish for sure!

  2. Meeting Santa, how special is that! I just know you will get your wish!
    So glad you enjoyed your time with your friend, time with friends are special and lasting memories...



  3. What a charming story! He's one of my favorite people, dear fellow.

    I love crepes, and I've been thinking I should try making some. I never have. My sister does though, and they're delicious.


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