Sep 5, 2007


I can hear
the asphalt
of Locust Street
on pins
when suddenly,
it stops --
to see
if I'll turn
to look.

- Author Unknown

: : : : :

By all these lovely tokens
September days are here,
With summer’s best of weather
And autumn’s best of cheer.

- Helen Hunt Jackson, September, 1830-1885

: : : : :

I trust in Nature for the stable laws of beauty and utility.
Spring shall plant and Autumn garner
to the ends of time.

- Robert Browning

: : : : :

September days have the warmth of summer in their briefer hours,
but in their lengthening evenings a prophetic breath of autumn.
The cricket chirps in the noontide, making the most of what remains
of his brief life. The bumblebee is busy among the clover blossoms
of the aftermath, and their shrill and dreamy hum hold the outdoor
world above the voices of the song birds, now silent or departed.

- September Days By Rowland E. Robinson, Vermont


Mikkeline said...

I enjoy your photos. and swriting very much. Thank you for commenting on my blog. It's quite funny that a visitor from California is visiting me in the city Trondheim, in the middle of Norway to comment on my shabby antique oil lamp. The blog world is really fascinating:)

Tea Time and Roses said...

Thanks for the beautiful words on the blog today... You know, I am so ready for this new season. I enjoyed Summer although it was an especially hot one... Your lovely photo so beautifully reminds me of all the wonder Autumn has to offer... I enjoy your blog so much, and I so look forward to my visits...



Lisa(vitapelargonerochzink) said... mom have a lot of pumpkins growing in her it won't be any problem to get one at halloween. Thank you for your "silly" comment...I kind of think it sounds good :)

KJ said...

Oh, I wish I had pumpkins growing! I have had them sitting on my front porch until almost Christmas! They last so long and I hate to toss them! Perhaps, when Thanksgiving is over, I should give them a Christmas makeover! Talk about the Great Pumpkin!


Dee Light said...

What wonderful photos, and what wonderful words. Fall is such a magnificent season!!!

Julie Marie said...

I remember you! I had copied your blog address down and then lost it. I am glad I found you (you found me) again. Nice September poems!



Julie Marie said...

I find I must comment again. I too love pumpkins - so much that I have left them on my front steps too long and they have frozen to the cement when we get an early (October) winter storm. That is not very fun to clean up!