Sep 6, 2007

A Harvest Time-out

Yesterday, I visited the Lowell Joint School District headquarters in La Habra, California. The staff had just compiled a scrapbook commemorating their first 50 years, starting from about 1932 (the year my Daddy was born). I picked up the album for closer inspection. I became a detective looking for clues... Oh how I love vintage photographs!

Today, I unearthed the above photo, and I was immediately smitten by the contrast between the children and the bleak backdrop. The 9 youngsters look like siblings; however, there is a noticeable demarcation in the color and style of their apparel. Beneath an assortment of hats, the children show little expression. The leaves indicate the end of a season and the basket is filled with what appears to be a type of squash. A bit more difficult to see is a sleepy, large black and white dog just to the right of the children. In the distance, there is a ravine and 2 jagged mountain ranges reminiscent of America's Southwest.

Then I found a photo with an amazing sense of humor. It is rare to find vintage photos depicting anything comical unless the content is related to theater or vaudeville. In this photo we find smiles on faces and a farm dog ready to fetch. It is obvious by the people's relaxed stances that they are submitted to this playful moment. Chairs were removed from the farmhouse, "rubber band man" took center stage, and I can almost hear the giggles of the children. Another observation is that the 2 men bracing the chairs look very much alike, as do the 2 farmers at the right.

Note: Click photos to enlarge.


  1. I've got a bunch of vintage family photos all still sitting in an album. I really want to take them out and use them around the house. They are so beautiful and I love looking at them, imagining what it must've been like to live back then, and wear those kinds of clothes!

  2. I love these too!! You are so lucky to have them. Are you going to print them and frame them?

  3. These 2 photos were actually discovered a clip art library that I subscribe to. Vintage shots like these are usually at the tail end of hundreds of selections because most people aren't that interested. There is a treasure trove just waiting to be discovered!

    I do have many old photos. I am hoping to buy more frames soon so that they can be displayed properly.


  4. Lovely photos!! I love old photos too.


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