Sep 28, 2007

Look what Mrs. Kwitty stitched for me!

I am a big fan of Mrs. Kwitty's whimsical works! I had seen this little song bird incorporated into another project and decided to ask her if she could do a framed version. I sing and this piece is extremely relevant to my life for many reasons. I also have an embroidered piece of the famous poem, "Footprints," in an almost identical frame. So, here is my new Mrs. Kwitty Pretty! Isn't this lovely?

Also, check out her blog:
Whatever Strikes Mrs. Kwitty's Fancy.

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September 26, 2007


  1. Awww--thanks for the sweet write-up KJ!! If you were standing right here I'd hug you till your eyes bulged out a little! lol
    Have a great day--you sure added a bright spot to mine!
    Smiles, Karen

  2. Did you write this after your jog this AM??? Very nice. Teri

  3. Kj, the little bird is just beautiful. What a treat to be able to hang her on your wall.

  4. Hi Karen- I actually took a little time and went through your blog. What a wealth of info!!! You are an amazing writer and I wish you the best of luck with your newest endeavor. As for your Mrs. Kwitty frame - it's absolutely adorable. It really does remind me of you. Now when I drop off Devin for voice lessons, I'll see that songbird in my mind when I see you!
    Debbie R.

  5. Her crafts are always this sweet!
    I love the stitching and the pieced fabric around it. You are a lucky girl :)

  6. I can see that we have some Mrs. Kwitty fans!!! And I am one of them– that's for sure!

    Teri: No, my buddy...I didn't go jogging. You are too funny!

    I told Teri earlier in the week that I had set my alarm to begin walking in the early AM. I woke up to my alarm which was set on Channel 7 TV. The news told me that a shooting had happened near by in a good neighborhood of Buena Park. So, I stayed in bed. Actually, this even could have happened 400 miles from me and I would have stayed in bed. Teri knows me too well!

    Debbie: Thank-YOU for your supportive comments! I am so glad that you spent some time here! And, teaching Voice to your special girl is sheer pleasure for me!


  7. That little bird is adorable. You sing? Lucky you....wish I could.


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