Sep 20, 2007

Magazine Week

Photograph from Romantic Homes magazine

Did you know that it's Magazine Week in the UK? When it seems like everything has it's own special week, I must say that magazines are something I can rally behind! Over the years, I have seen many of my favorites come and go. Although we see Victoria resurfacing; other publishers have discontinued periodicals due to low readership, or they have unsuccessfully tried to modernize old themes. I know all things have their seasons. Nevertheless, it's a huge disappointment when one has become attached to a tangible source of inspiration.

As much as I enjoy the cyber world, it can never replace the tactile privileges we enjoy when holding, perusing, absorbing, and clipping the pages of a gorgeously written and photographed magazine. While dreaming over a magazine, we are not dependent upon a computer, an ISP, or the idiosyncrasies of page loads. A computer will never grace a coffee table the way a magazine can.

Even one's home can add luminance to the pages by the way daylight filters through window treatments and panes, or by the way lamplight casts it's glow. The pleasure of reading a magazine is enhanced by the scent of candles, a steamy cup of coffee or tea, and even the perfect selection of music sounding like it was scored for just that moment. I'm sorry, but a computer screen cannot compete with the real experience.

The "Magazine Week 2007" website wrote:

"In the UK, we are officially a nation of magaholics, with over 2,000 magazines sold every minute of every day in the UK and a whopping 500 new titles launched every year. We started Magazine Week because we wanted everyone to know just how big and diverse the UK magazine industry is, with a magazine for every available lifestyle, hobby or interest."

I thought it would be fun to elaborate on our own passions or dislikes concerning magazines. What thrills your soul? Have you been disappointed? Why not take a moment to share your thoughts with a quick post...


  1. Don't know if I can be quick about magazines. Great subject. I love magazines but don't read them as faithfully as I used to. My favorite spot to read them is while waiting. I have so many choices that I wouldn't ordinarily pick. Yesterday, for example, I came across one called Cowboys & Indians. Our family is a bunch of communications folks and so this is dear to my heart.

    What you say is right on. Thanks for an interesting take on old friends.

  2. I agree, that I want to hold both books and magazines in my hands, and visit within them while having my tea, or just before bedtime. I enjoy relaxing with them. I don't thing a computer can ever replace that feeling, for the same reasons that you've shared.
    I'm pleased that Victoria is coming back. I hope it won't disappoint. One of the things that I truly dislike, are the scented inserts that are sometimes put into magazines.

  3. Mrs. Staggs: It's funny, but I actually thought of the scented inserts as I was writing this. Mostly I've seen them for the new perfumes. I think that I agree with you. I would rather create my own ambiance.

    Sheila: I got a smile on my face as I pictured you reading Cowboys & Indians...


  4. Hi KJ, thanks for visiting me yesterday. You have a beautiful and fascinating blog that I look forward to reading..Ok, as far as magazines go, wish I actually sat down to read the ones I have but sometimes I'm very lazy and just skim them. I'm thrilled though that Victoria is coming back, I loved that magazine, it was my favorite. It was actually one of the ones I always did "read".

  5. Hi! thanks for your comment. Our weather is chilly, all the leaves is almost gone from the trees. But it is very beautiful cause they all have different coulors.

    To your post; I love magazines. We have amagazine that is called "Drömhem och trädgård" (dreamhomes and garden) that's my favorite. I wish you a great weekend. It's evening here.

  6. Hi KJ - I Love, Love magazines too! Problem is I can't throw any away and need another house just to store them all! Thanks for coming to my tea party too!

  7. My favorite magazine from the UK is Country Living. I actually like it better than our Country Living! I was just perusing the newest issue and it made me want to relocate to England, but of course every issue does that because I have as much a thing for England as I have for magazines!

  8. I know I don't read as many magazines as I used to because I can get so much more information/inspiration etc online. And my online reads change and update daily.

    However, you really can't replace the luxury of a stack of magazines and a nice bubble bath- or being able to bend back the corners on pages you like & tear out recipies.


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