Sep 27, 2007


If this photo doesn't create the urge to splurge on a seasonal blend of tea, I don't know what does. Tempest Tea makes a wonderful, crave curbing Pumpkin Spice black tea, balanced with nutmeg and cinnamon. Or meander over to Dragonwater Tea and give their Rooibos Pumpkin Tea a try. You'll be pleasantly surprised by the Rooibos blended with honeydew melon cubes, apple pieces, stinging nettle leaves, sunflower petals and natural flavoring. And, for an informative tea blog, check out Tea Guy Speaks for a daily dose of the latest and greatest– including occasional tea giveaways.

On September 25th, I became acutely aware that Christmas was exactly 3 months from that day. In our hurried culture, the season will be upon us in a flash; mostly because we get distracted by autumn festivities. I do desire to work smarter and not harder this year. I am reminded of the Dutch saying: "The hurrier I go, the behinder I get."

So, today is a potpourri of sorts. I am gathering together some interesting links to check out for gift buying– or just plain old blessing YOURSELF. Enjoy!

I am well aware that some very gifted, make-it-from-scratch cooks read this blog. Homemade is wonderful, needless to say. However, our greatest ambitions are often shelved during the busy holidays. So, here is a delicious alternative from Iveta Gourmet! These pumpkin scones are just as the package reads: "A delicate and moist scone made with real pumpkin and pumpkin pie spices." There are many other flavors to select from and there are no preservatives. The scones melt lusciously in one's mouth!

Harney & Sons offers this delightful autumn gift set...

"Our Harney & Sons brown logo gift box contains an orange Stump teapot (16 oz.), our aromatic Cranberry Autumn tea blend (4 oz.) and a tagalong tin of 5 Cranberry Autumn sachets to take along with you to the office or just on the go. A perfect gift for anyone with a new routine this fall... just the thing to make them feel "at home" wherever they might be."

I don't know about you but my earrings are as much a part of my art collection as anything else. They are certainly too pretty to store away in a drawer. Because of this, I began exploring some of the options available for artistic earring displays. Here is a framed piece of artwork– designed by Barbara Downey– that functions as an earring hanger. The artwork is done on a mesh screen that includes tiny holes for hook or post earrings. This one is called "Bistro," and it is shown in the large size. It is 10" tall, 7" wide and includes a removable stand that doubles as a wall hanger.

Above is another earring hanger expressing the thrill of accessories entitled "Purse and Shoe"! This one is also shown in the large size as listed above. Earrings would be very fitting on this mesh canvas. Other designs include things such as a giraffe, beach house, lighthouse, flip flops, bridge and stream, etc. Optional beaded hanger may be added.
Below are photos of an earring holder that I purchased for myself. It comes rolled up like a scroll and is adorned with elegant knobs that come in an array of marbled colors. The company is Artsy Fartsy Cool Glass Stuff, and is featured on Ebay. Because the background is either black or white, the earrings are showcased beautifully.

After purchasing the above earring holder online, the item arrived promptly and was packaged in chic fashion. I have actually been able to fit a large amount of earrings on this. It adds a touch of elegance to my boudoir, and it makes a practical and lovely gift idea!

Finally, here is a very posh and practical creation from Amy Butler: an amazingly spacious purse! It is made of 100% heavy-weight cotton twill and lined with a coordinating print that is also reversible. This bag can help to eliminate the possibilities of the "black hole" effect that many purses exhibit. It has a playful design with a unique and modern shape.

She designs many fabric related products that are produced in limited quantities. Everything is sewn with impeccable quality. Her product line is not inexpensive; however, quality accessories are always a worthy investment.

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