Sep 29, 2007


This place setting is a golden illustration of visual poetry.

I love to write poetry, especially with old fashioned rhythm and rhyme. Most poets today prefer to write prose which is a more irregular style of poetry and more closely resembles everyday speech.

Not long ago, I discovered a delightful poetry style while visiting FOCP (Fellowship of Christian Poets). It is called the Nonet. James Tate is the facilitator over the Poetry Views department of this site. He described the chemistry for the Nonet as:

"If you are looking for a fun format for poetry, try the nonet... Nonet poems are short and simple, yet they require some discipline in structuring. Each has nine lines, beginning with nine syllables on the first line and dropping one syllable for each succeeding line. It’s your choice to rhyme or not. These poems may be left justified, centered, or right justified, at your option. Experiment with them for the most pleasing appearance. Give your nonet a title if you wish."

I was honored to be a featured contributor in August 2006 (located in the site's archives). Here is a Nonet that I composed which playfully describes what Nonet means and how the poet has borrowed its essence.


The word “nonet” means nine of something,
Especially nine instruments
Or maybe nine musicians;
But with quill and parchment
The poet persuades,
“No, no, Nonet!
You may make
Your home

-Karen June Miller, June 2006-

If any of you feel inspired to give this a try, I might just have a little surprise for you. Remember that you will need 9 lines, starting with nine syllables on the first line and dropping a syllable with each line.

check out James Tate's feature for this month. The topic is Shape Poetry.


  1. Just found your blog love it.

  2. Oh Karen, you are so full of surprises! Poetry...I would love to hear more from you! You are so right, that beautiful place setting is poetry in motion....



  3. Oh that is lovely and love the pretty place setting too!! but you are by far the queen of poetry I am surely not but can appreciate those that can because I do enjoy reading poems and figuring out their meanings etc!! Hugs Linda

  4. While I enjoy reading other people's poetry - I'm really no good at it :) The place setting is poetry in motion.


  5. Karen, thank you for your help. I sat down and wrote this while I was fixing dinner. I knew how many syllables there were suppose to be on each line. I just had trouble counting my syllables on two of the lines. It has been a long time since I have written a poem. That is a challenge.

    Peering out hazy eyes with tiny
    Tears, light silhouettes what appears;
    Each day has its own veneers,
    Surroundings become clear,
    Light dances– here– there,
    In solitaire
    And with flair;

  6. The wordsmith weaves her world around words, 9
    Dictionary and thesaurus, 8 Tools of her double edged swords, 7
    To amaze others but yet, 6
    No triumphs are met, 5
    Never she speaks 4
    As her words, 3
    Can't be 2
    Heard! 1

    well, at least I tried! LOL

  7. The wordsmith weaves her world around words,
    Dictionary and thesaurus–
    Tools of her double edged swords;
    To amaze others, yet,
    No triumphs are met;
    Never she speaks
    As her words
    Can’t be

    Here is the corrected & properly punctuated version by KJ.

    Thank you girl! I loved your reaction!

  8. To my Mommy:

    Very nice nonet with a beautiful interlacing of rhyme! I love the images it conjures up! I am hearing a rumor that my Daddy is going to write one, too!

    To DebraK:

    Once again, an excellent illustration introducing rhyme into a nonet! What a great picture your nonet paints and with a provocative ending!

    Well done! I can't wait for James Tate to drop by and see what you've done!

    And, there is a suprise... You'll see...



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