Sep 25, 2007

The Turkish Coffee Seller

Norman Rockwell Illustrated ad "Turkish Coffee Seller"
Clipped from The Digital Deli
Celebrating the Golden Age of Radio

This illustration is easily over 60 years old. It features a self-portrait of Norman Rockwell sketching under the close scrutiny of the Turkish Coffee Seller. Aside from the fact that I immediately craved an aromatic cup of coffee, I found myself pondering this illustration for quite awhile.

Have you ever gazed upon an old photo or illustration, contextually drinking in the era and yet sober minded as to how the times have changed? As was the case in most of Norman's work, this is a simple, playful perspective of the 40's. However, six decades later, we have been even more awakened to the world and it's complexities. Our viewing process brings with it an assortment of images, thoughts, and emotions.


  1. I love Norman Rockwell so much ! and your blog is very interesting. Have a nice day. Kisses

  2. Hi, Karen, thanks for stopping by. So nice to meet you..don't think we have met before so glad you did stop by. I see you are the WM director at your church, that's great! I've been good friends with many WM directors & it's a wonderful position.

    Hope you'll come back often!


  3. Your blog is very interesting, inspiring and philosophical, and I love, love, love the vintage illustrations!! Thank you for your kind comments on my blog.

  4. Your blog is very interesting, philosophical and inspiring! And I just love the vintage illustrations and quotations!
    Thank you for your kind comments on my blog.

  5. Norman Rockwell's work always makes me smile. I hope you frame that coffee seller and hang it in your kitchen!

  6. Love Norman Rockwell!! My hub is a huge fan and we have collected a bit of it over the years.
    Smiles, Karen

  7. My love for all things Norman Rockwell began when I was a girl. I had several of his books as well. I remember that an English Teacher had us keep a journal. I wrote about how much I enjoyed Norman's paintings. She actually put a note in the margins saying that I shouldn't consider him an artist when he left nothing to the imagination... Try an abstract artist instead, she suggested. As a Senior in High School, I was very offended that she would question my taste when I had– after all– written this in a personal journal.


  8. I often wonder what someone from the Abraham Lincoln era or Ben Franklin's era might think of our society now. Imagine their fright at the technology and shame over our lost morals! Blessings.. Polly

  9. oh Karen! I finally figured out how to leave you a post...with my own name. what fun.

    I have become a coffee drinker too. :) I have never tried Turkish coffee..might really make me more hyper.

    Love to you.


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