Oct 2, 2007

3-Month Blog-iversary!

It seems that I have much to celebrate! In addition to quickly approaching my 100th post, today is my 3-month blog anniversary! Yes, 3 months ago today– almost immediately after discovering that blogs were more that cerebral parking spaces– I conceived eye-dyllic! Like so many of the blog birthing testimonies, I didn't know what I was doing. I just saw an empty canvas awaiting the lavish splashes of my imagination!

In 1962, my Mom had just registered me for Kindergarten and before leaving she escorted me down the hallway for a sneak peek at my classroom. I will never forget what filled my eye-gates when I beheld this wonderland for the first time! There were artist's easels, sawhorses, shelves of neatly stacked blocks and toys, a mini kitchen with an ironing board, aprons, and cooking utensils. There were little desks– although not little to me– and a large area rug for sitting cross-legged. The room was alive with fall colors, shiny red apples, farm animals, and a preview of what I would learn. I could not wait for my first day of school!

Through the windows I spotted the playground with the 405 Freeway as its backdrop. I would soon become very familiar with the walls of this freeway– as I endured numerous timeouts for chatting during nap time and chasing boys up the jungle gym! After all, isn't Kindergarten considered a social event?

My introduction to blogging was much the same. The available blog template and options were much like walking into a Kindergarten classroom. I saw the possibilities and I quickly engaged in play and experimentation. Only now I can chat with no fear of timeouts!


  1. I'm new to blogging myself. I can say I've learned so much in the past month. So blessings to your on your blog anniversary. I love to read christian blogs any advice to a newbee. Denise

  2. Happy Anniversary!!! Blogging is alot of fun! I spend more time visitng everyone then I do writing...there is so much to learn about everyone! You are all so amazing!
    Diana aka Farmer Di

  3. Debra at Bunnies Bungalow, sent me here to enter your blog-iversary give away.

    I've enjoyed my visit and hope you drop by the back porch sometime.



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