Oct 3, 2007

Belly Up!

I have 2 sons: Bryce, 13 and Brock, 7. They have previously begged us to have pets– like a dog or a hamster. These moments are usually heavy with deep emotion for all things furry. Often, they have researched the topic of pet ownership with bona fide experts: their friends. These pleadings come with a list of campaign promises that, if believed, could run a country!

Two years ago, my sons brought home 4 goldfish from a Harvest Festival. Of course there was no permission given prior to this act, so I was not afforded the luxury of billing them for consultation fees. All of the goldfish survived longer than a year. In the second year, we lost 2 simultaneously and then the third fish met his demise 2 months ago. Only a fish named Tiger...remained.

On Saturday morning, just as I was ready to take out an insurance policy for the fish, it happened. Brock discovered that Tiger had gone belly up! With big puppy-brown eyes, Brock searched me for guidance because Bryce, the rightful owner, was gone for the weekend. Reverently, we gathered at the commode and said a meaningful prayer before "flushering" Tiger to his final resting place.

This is where I became extremely clever. We removed the fish bowl to the garage, tossed the fish food, and waited... How long would it take Bryce to notice that his beloved Tiger was now dearly departed? Bryce returned home Sunday evening.

Today, Wednesday, Bryce was eating lunch. No longer able to stand the suspense, I decided to mention my aquatic screen saver out loud to my husband, Barry. Quickly, Bryce got up from the table and made a bee line for his room. Seconds later, he returned to the kitchen asking, "Where's my fish?"

Needless to say, we won't be buying a dog or a hamster any time soon.


  1. Hey..
    I have three dogs; one weimaraner and two shih tzus and one cat. AND no children are still at home! Both are away at college.

    Somday Karen you may want the company of a pet. I vote for a shih tzu. They barely eat and are adorable. Cyndi Evans

  2. LOL, my kid is the opposite, he notices every.single.little.thing.

  3. HMMMMMMMMMMMM Me no see um Buffalo! Squaw That Sings & Looks Pretty must post um Tahtanka to raise um interest for Buffalo Man!
    White man run um many Buffalo off cliff. Hard to find Great Tahtahka. Buffalo return one day run White man away!

    Danny "Buffalo Man" Gurwell
    October 11, 2007


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