Oct 31, 2007

Black Cats

Black cats
have taken a bad rap! Mostly, they seem to take center stage when the dark side is being celebrated. If a black cat is to have a career, they either have to wait for Halloween, find someone with a book of spells, or hire Felix the Cat's agent! Not very promising . . .

I'm not a ghost and goblins gal and there's no fear. I've just had enough brushes with reality that I choose not to give place to it. Nevertheless, there are things about this season that give me pleasure. For example I love the combination of orange and black together seeing adorable costumes on children (today I saw a precious 4-year old Lucille Ball!) candy and sweet treats (especially desserts that include pumpkin) pumpkins in all shades and shapes punch the chill in the air the smell of orange and even black cats . . .

Tournée du Chat Noir, c.1896
Théophile Steinlen

There's nothing like vintage sheet music to conjure up some fur-full images. Perhaps my French friends will assist me on the title of this song. It literally translates as "Turned of Black Cat"– maybe, The Black Cat Turned? This feline doesn't appear to be accepting visitors. (For you lovers of all things French, check out "Halloween in France" for some interesting trivia.)

These playful paws are doing the Rag Two-step! Again, here is some dandy old sheet music in the flavor of the month.

I'm not a huge "fur" person, although I'm a sucker for baby critters. I have owned only one cat in my lifetime and it mewed me into submission. I named her Tirsdag, the Danish word for Tuesday. Our time together was short because, sadly, Tirsdag acquired several diseases. I also discovered my allergy to cats during this period.

Cats do teach us to be flexible . . .


  1. This is a great Halloween post!!
    Honestly, KJ, your blog is delightful!

  2. Based on the theme for this post, it was heartwarming to open up the comments and see your beautiful smile next to your cat. It's too bad that your cat can't post on this one!

    Thanks for your wonderful comment and support! It touched me!

    Hugs, KJ

  3. Happy Halloween!

    Halloween Hugs To You!

  4. Did you know that they're trying to make the Felix the Cat at Felix Chevrolet in L.A. a historical landmark?? I loved Felix, he was a wonderful, wonderful cat!!

  5. Helo ,

    I like what you are doing , excuse my english , but there 30 years i have learn ...

    Nice to you



  6. Hello Valla:

    I wanted to visit you and I see that there was no link.

    I am so glad that you dropped by. I understood your English just fine. You wrote very well! I hope that you will stop by again. I would love to know you better!

    Thank you for the nice comment about my blog!


    Blessings to YOU,


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