Oct 27, 2007

Crocs Galore: A Return to "Blending In"

Crocs - Color
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On September 3rd, I posted a piece entitled, "Blending In." My post responded to an article that I had seen in my local newspaper. Although it wasn't strictly about Crocs, the article rubbed me the wrong way in regard to attitudes toward Americans. From the comments many of you left, I was not alone.

Well, Leesa, an American Transplant in Paris, has added some comments to this post that just might thrill those who were riding the bandwagon with me. You may revisit this post by clicking here.

Also, Leesa is originally from the San Diego area, a major hot spot for the ongoing fires. She posted a heartfelt letter from a San Diego friend who had to evacuate. You can read that here.


  1. Hi KJ,

    Thanks for your email and thanks for linking to my blog.. I also want to add that for about 4 months before this CROC thing hit France, I endured the anticipated intoduction to this rubber "garden shoe" via the ad for CROCS posted on the local supermarket window.. My first thought when I saw it was, "OH NO! Crocs are coming to France.. EEEE GADS!!!" I never got into the trend, hence my reaction... But, a LOT of French kids have picked up the style here and I EVEN saw a French lady wearing them in a stylish manner.. Contrary to common stereotypes, the French were tennis shoes, just like us (Americans) even with skirts when they are walking/biking to work. I equate Paris to New York... California is California and we have ALWAYS been the odd man out when it comes to fashion and fashion sense... Just look at the young celebs, for example... They've got fame AND money, yet they still go on their Starbucks runs in sweats and Ugg boots!!! No shame... I call it.. We Californians just wear what we want when we want... Plus, we have good weather so we are much more casual, I think! That's my two cents.. I do LOVEEEEEEEEEEE living in France (just outside of Paris) and welcome all newcomers to visit my blog! Take care.. .thanks KJ... I will be back to check on your new posts and also I am adding you to my blog roll... Leesa

  2. I don't wear crocs, but have many friends who do....Just not my style. But if it was, I would were them, when I wanted to :-).

  3. We love your comment about avoiding sterotyping and overgeneralizations. We, the sisters, go with the standard of be yourself (probably our lack of ability to speak French and southern accents would have given us away long before lime green crocs anyway!!) (& we don't even own any Crocs!!!)

    kari & kijsa

    Oh- and we anxiously awaiting another Haiku contest!! Yea!!!


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