Oct 13, 2007

Families Stick Together

My Family - Courtesy of Family Stickers, Family Car Stickers

Kat from justabeachkat inspired me to create this. My budget doesn't permit the expense of investment, but it was therapeutic translating my family into "sticks." I must be candid that being a "stick' has never been my reality. I was well upholstered at birth and I remain so today. (Maybe there's an option for thicker sticks!) Otherwise, this is a pretty accurate depiction of my family.

We all find ourselves staring mindlessly at these stick vignettes while waiting for traffic signals to give us permission to accelerate. I have to laugh at some of the thoughts that enter my head as I study each family member. Kooky, oddball memories will flash before me or perhaps I'll concoct little story lines about the driver's life. It's such a brief few moments and then I'm driving again– moving on.

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