Oct 30, 2007

Olde English Cottage - Carmel, California

The original photo was from It has since been removed from their site. So, please use your imagination.

This photo of a cottage style home in Carmel, California, almost looks surreal, much like a Pixar film. Be assured that this is very real and utterly arcadian. One interesting observation is the sign located directly above the sub-level garage. It reads, "High Tide." Carmel is a seaside community, which leads one to imagine: what would this cottage look like surrounded by a moat?

Almost 23 years ago, my husband, Barry, and I spent our honeymoon in Carmel, California. We stayed in a charming location that offered a room called the Hansel and Gretl Cottage. No, it wasn't the structure showcased here, but it was sweet. It featured a master bedroom built into a loft. The flames of the first floor fireplace danced through the loft banister, creating glowing strips of warmth on the stuccoed ceiling.


  1. How sweet is this cottage! Honey mooning in a little cottage in Carmel, now you know that sounds so romantic... I will have to someday visit Carmel, I have heard others speak of it and it sounds like a beautiful place... I have missed so many of your sweet post and have some catch-up reading to do! :o)



  2. That is so cute, but doesn't look real! It reminds me of a Disney movie. I can imagine living there in my perfect little world.

  3. I love Carmel and Monterey. Such a beautiful place.

  4. I mean this place is so precious!!!
    I was thinking yesterday that when I'm an old lady I'd like to live like Tasha Tudor...well I think you found my home.
    19 years ago my husband and I honeymooned in Monterey and stayed at the Green Gables Inn...and visited Carmel.

  5. I keep thinking that maybe the sky portion of the photo was doctored up a bit in PhotoShop, but this is an authentic shot. I looked at the image in it's largest scale.

    Miss Shabby - You weren't too far behind my hubby and I. Since we'd been to Carmel 4 years before you, could you still feel the love?


  6. oh wow! i thought it was a miniature display cottage or something but when I enlarged it on your flickr I could see better, it's so beautiful!

  7. I love Carmel, isn't it so utterly fabulous??


  8. Almost 25 years ago we celebrated our Honeymoon in Carmel also!! We haven't been there since about 1988.

  9. Miss Paula . . .

    Our 23rd anniversary will be in December, so you were in Carmel about 2 years before Barry and I.

    Usually there is a great deal of fog in that area of the coast. When we were there, there wasn't any fog whatsoever!

    Thanks for coming by,

    P.S. And all of the other comments are wonderful,too! Thank-YOU!

  10. Just going through some of your old posts and came across this one. Carmel is one of my favorite places, even though I have only spent a day there. I fantasize about spending time there and housepeeping. Come visit me sometime.


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