Oct 22, 2007

Online Christmas Craft Fair, November 23rd! Hosted by Miss Shabby!

While taking my daily cyber walk to Miss Shabby's eye-full towers of wonder and whimsy, I beheld her newest venture! Rather than paraphrase, I'm going to let Miss Shabby say this in her own enthusiastic way...

Miss Shabby said, "They are happening everywhere! Craft fairs and bazaars in large towns and small towns and I thought blogland needed one as well, or two or three! The day after Thanksgiving let's have our handmade items ready to show and share. Come here to leave your invitations on that day. Everyone will come shopping to each blog. Won't it be fun? We'll save our pennies and be ready to get some nice items for gifts or for keeping (there's always a little of that going on too, isn't there?) Let's be ready to package the items in a festive way so that when they are opened~another surprise! Can I count you in? Don't forget to take this ad and post it on your blog. Thank you and well, Merry Christmas! (we are supposed to keep it in our hearts all year, aren't we?"


  1. Lookie what a good girl you are!!! Thank you so much. Now I know why my stats were so high on Monday!

    Stay safe sister :)My prayers are with you guys.

  2. Ah . . . shucks . . .

    And thanks for the prayers! We're not in any immediate danger; just surrounded by smoke and ash. My heart aches for the loss of homes. The San Diego fire is only 1% contained and it has wiped out entire communities. To top that off, we had an earthquake up north this morning!

    Hugs, KJ

  3. I love your idea about an online craft fair. I have one "however" and that's I don't have any goodies made up to offer for sale and not likely to find the time to make any. I'd be happy to help you spread the word though by putting it on my blog.

  4. CONNIE: Miss Shabby is hosting this. I am just being her "word of mouth." If you click on the link in the post, you can go directly to her site. She is encouraging people to post this invite on their sites for advertisement. You can sell, buy, or both.

    Tootles, kj


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