Oct 22, 2007

Please Pray for Southern California!

Jeans flap in the Santa Ana winds as Witch Creek is under siege. This fire has already devasted over 10,000 acres and structures east of Ramona, in the eastern part of San Diego County. (Photo courtesy of Fred Greaves/Reuters - ABC News)

One of my blogging friends commented today on the overcast skies in her town, hoping that our Southern California weather was treating us better. This triggered a bit of melancholy in me because we're dealing with intense wildfires right now. Yesterday's sunset was like viewing a blinding fireball through tobacco-stained sheers. Our drought conditions have made us vulnerable to the slightest spark, and the Santa Ana winds bring out the dark, morbid power trips of pyromaniacs. These factors appear to be worsening every year.

I am not in any immedaite danger here in North Orange County, but I am surrounded by numerous fires; 16 to be exact. This morning, my bare feet met with a chalky residue on my front walkway. In fact, this residue was everywhere. Under a smoky sky, it occurred to me that I was stepping on what was left of many homes and businesses. Even a church has burned down . . . and it isn't over.

I've listened to media coverage and looked at photos. More than once, the features that have been highlighted first pertain to Malibu– an area inhabited by many of Hollywood's elite. I will admit that I have become a tad weary with the excessive attention given to celebrities, but in the face of disaster, everyone matters. Reports concerning other trouble spots will be somewhat general, but when Malibu is mentioned, reference is often made to who lives there. I don't want to see anyone suffer loss! Nevertheless, when I look at the above photo, my heart breaks thinking that this may be the extent of what this person owns.

Please add your prayers to this battle . . .

  • As of this morning, only 1% of the San Diego Country fire was contained. This area has suffered the largest losses.


  1. I love the music! I hope La Habra Heights doesn't burn down!

  2. Hello K.J.,
    Thank you for visiting me and your very nice comment.
    Yes, it is me on the pictures from little girl to young woman.
    Mostly showing all kinds of hair-do.
    I still have the brads cut off in April 1950. As you can see on one picture.
    My mother made all my dresses. I jus wished for a certain dress and she made it.
    Love Eva Agnes I think of you in Southern California during this time of catastrofy.

  3. All of those in the areas of the fires are in our thoughts! How awful! I have been watching the news this am and it is just unbelieveable!

  4. Wow! These fires are awful! Our prayers are with everyone in danger's way. I am asking the Lord to protect the firefighters as they do the job they are trained to do.
    Becky K.

  5. Hi KJ!

    I'm at work and had a moment to catch up on your blog. I saw that you even mentioned our phone chat from the other day!! Thank you.
    The air is pretty thick here and even if we can't see the fire, we are getting the effects of the smoke. It concerns me as a nurse that I saw schools holding recess and PE classes outside, and I saw mom's strolling down the sidewalks with their babies today and yesterday with the poor air quality. Children and especially babies have small lungs and will be damaged faster than an adult. Even saw someone throw their cigarrette butt out the car window!! Please pray that people will be more careful and wiser.
    Thanks for the mental oasis you provide in the middle of a busy day. Teri

  6. To my other blog friends, the post below is from my pal, Teri, who is the Head Nurse of Cardiology at her hospital. I am glad she posted about the effects of our smoke infested air . . .

    Dear Teri...

    Yes, your post is soooo true! Brock told me that they had curtailed his PE. I do hope that they are doing away with recess, too! The health services have been advising that children stay in their classrooms right now. There is so much toxic substance involved with fires-- abestos, solvents, you name it.

    And the "butt" tosser!!! I have zero tolerance for people who can't dispose of their cigarette butts properly. I constantly see butts being tossed out of windows. (Not to mention the guy who just emptied his entire take-out debris onto the street while waiting at a light!) Hey, better on the pavement than in their precious vehicles. And, aside from the litter, the fire hazards around here are brutal!


  7. Hi KJ,
    How aweful for you. We have been getting stories on the news here in Australia about the fires, and they do say in Malibu and say which celebrity evacuated, mostly they name the Aussies who live there like Olivia Newton-John.
    Is this normal to have fires at this time of year? we have bushfires, and often really bad ones, every Summer but not as late as autumn like it is for you guys. I don't know much about the fires, were they deliberately lit? I sure hope not.
    You're all in my prayers and the firefighters too, what a job.

  8. Natasha: One fire is known to be arson and there are probably others. Arson is a biggie. I know that one was caused by winds and a downed power line.

    Yes, this is somewhat normal; however, the drought conditions and Santa Ana winds are 2 extreme factors right now.

    Thanks for your comments!

  9. Thanks so much for visiting me today. The fires are awful, I can't believe how many people have been evacuated from San Diego. We are blessed here in Orange County that we only have bad air quality, smoke and ashes.


  10. I am thinking of you and all the people in Ca....

    You asked the age of the Biltmore Estate. It took a few years to build and it was built in 1895

  11. What a poignant picture.
    It is times like these that helps you realize what is really important.
    Be safe~

  12. My thoughts are certainly with all of you and it is my sincere wish that all will improve soon.
    It has made me feel a little better to know that you are one who is doing ok.
    Take care.

  13. Like so many others, I have been watching the news about the fires. It is such an awful sight. Prayers going up for Southern California. Maybe those "butt" throwers will wake up and realize what is going on. Thanks for sharing your story. God Bless!

  14. It's just unbelievable. How devestating this has to be even for those in surrounding areas. They are on the prayer list. Blessings... Polly

  15. Hello KJ.
    I really hope these awful fires will end soon. California are in our thoughts! We have seen it on the news and its terrible.

  16. Hello! Thanks for coming by my blog. I can see that the area is experiencing what we experienced during the flood of 93. Total devastation to many. I will keep you all in my prayers.

  17. I am keeping everyone in Ca in my prayers every day. Such devastating scenes all over the news etc.
    On a lighter note-LOVE your blog & thanks for visiting mine!

  18. It is so sad and the people of CA are in my prayers. I also understand what you mean about Malibu. It is a loss for everyone, but some people have so little and nowhere to go.

  19. Just read your comment to my about my church. I live on a farm, so we moved the church right next to my house. It works well as I don't have to go far! Again, I'm sending prayers your way for your CA neighbors.

  20. KJ, hey you live by me!! I was watching Fox News tonight and Rick Warren was on and he has some good advise. Also they have found some more bodies. This is tragic and the sky is so dusty. I took a picture of the sun this morning at 8 and it's on my blog if anyone wants to see how it is.


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