Oct 7, 2007

Things are playful here!


If you are joining me for my "100th Blog-day Bash Giveaway", you will find the festivities directly below this post! I am purposely not doing a great deal of posting right now in an effort to avoid confusion with leaving comments for the GIVEAWAY.

This brief hiatus has afforded me the luxury of taking a worldwide tour of many delightful blogs! In my excursions, I have found that there are a few other bloggers having Giveaways! Don't we just love that word? So, after you post a comment on MY GIVEAWAY, check out these other "winning" locations; and be sure to mention my name when you post...

  1. Artistic Creations by Natasha Burns: 100 Goodies Giveaway - (the winner was posted on October 9th)
  2. Gracious Hospitality: Autumn Giveaway (a lovely little cross stitch piece) - (the winner was posted on October 15th)
  3. Pear Street Studios: Weekly Giveaway - Drawing ends October 12th (I ACTUALLY WON THIS ONE! YEA!)
  4. Under the Red Roof: 103 Sheets of Vintage Wallpaper - The winner will be chosen on Tuesday, October 16th.
Again, THE GIVEAWAY POST IS DIRECTLY BELOW THIS. I have disabled "comments" on this post to avoid any possible confusion.