Oct 18, 2007

Today's Bouquets

  1. Today, I mailed the Giveway goodies to DebraK of The Bunnie's Bungalow! As it happens, DebraK was one of the brave hearts who created a Nonet back around my September 29th post. (A Nonet is a style of poetry.) She rose to the challenge beautifully, as did my Mom! I had mentioned that "I might just have a little surprise," for anyone who participated. So, DebraK will find a few extras in her package! Again, congratulations on your win and for contributing a wonderful poem to my blog!
  2. I have begun to undo the chains of "mental pause!" My metabolism has slammed the brakes on my energy reserves! My fat cells have opened a new business: SELF STORAGE! So, I have taken on a personal trainer– my 20-year old daughter, Briana! She teaches dance and is in terrific shape. It does help that she lives under my own roof and that she is up and waiting for me when I return home from taking my boys to school. Of course, if she wasn't feeling up to it, I would be very understanding...
  3. My efforts to eat healthier are being aided by my new potted herb garden, resting serenely on the southern portion of my patio. I water it daily with Jake's Worm Juice made of worm castings. This might sound grotesque but my plants respond with glee!


  1. Hi KJ,

    Thanks so much for visiting me and leaving such nice comments! I have earmarked your page and will be back for visits. I enjoyed my visit here. Thanks

  2. Can you send me your email again, then I'll tell you about the pens! Your rose is beautiful, I want to try your corn chowder, my fav.! Laurie

  3. Well that is neat to have a built in trainer!
    We'll be watching for the end results! (Get it?...)

  4. Thank you! I am anxiously awaiting the goodies!
    Hugs, DebraK

  5. Lucky you that you live with your personal trainer! I know what you mean about fat cells. I actually started running again today because it's the only thing that revs my metabolism up enough to keep the weight off me (I do weight workouts etc usually).



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