Oct 15, 2007

You are here...

If you aren't here on purpose, I do hope that you'll stay for a bit. And while we're on the subject, has anything happened to you lately that wasn't on purpose? We all know how LIFE happens on the way to something else. Perhaps you stumbled upon a person, place, or thing that turned out to be a moment of significance? Did it become a treasure, a time of healing, or an event that created a bridge to a dream or an answered prayer? Why not take a couple of minutes to share that with me. After all, you are here...


  1. Wow! Love Your Blog, It's all about Giveaways It appears. I will have to go blog following.

    Speaking of which, I am having a Giveaway also, for my 50th Post :)


  2. I believe, everything you do has an never ending reach. Like a ripple in a pond.

    A short true story. A few years ago I was driving to work. Late as usual. Stopped at a light. When it turned green, I still had to wait, because a homeless person was riding a bike across the street in front of me. So, I waited,,10-15 seconds. When I was able to go, I started moving and a car traveling at a high rate of speed flew thru the intersection, running the red light. If I would have been able to go, without waiting for the homeless person (my guardian angel, perhaps?) I would have been broadsided and probably not here to tell the story.

    I am now alot more patient, more organized and NEVER late to anything.....

  3. Penny...

    What a great story and illustration of divine intervention! I can think of many incidents in my life where an inconvenience ended up sparing me from harsh consequences. I am always reminding myself to be patient and realize that something much bigger is always being orchestrated.

    I am reminded of a post on Sarge Charlie's blog where a woman revealed on a 9/11 Tribute that she had worked in the WTC and had missed the attack because she was on vacation.


  4. What a wonderful blog, I love it. I will be back to have a longer read (just heading to bed now). Could I possibly borrow this photo for my blog?


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