Nov 2, 2007


First thing this morning I went Across the Pond! I took a stroll through the seaside village of
Branscombe, Devon! I stopped for a spot of tea at the Sea Shanty Tearooms in Branscombe, and gazed at a 12th century Norman church while "pegging out the washing to dry." Before leaving, I popped into Ye Olde Six Bells– a former retreat for monks– ducking the low "timbered ceilings" for some hearty pub food!

My lovely, red-headed tour guide is Mary, a transplanted Brit who now resides in North Carolina. Her passion for British culture, as well as her magical musings and many creative pursuits, will have you pulling up a chair! She has the knack for translating the mundane into the "fun-dane!" Do pay her a visit!


Denise at
Hope Tree Studio is hosting her FIRST GIVEAWAY! She will be blessing one sweet soul with a "cute little sterling sliver crown"! The deadline is November 12th. She is also promoting La Maison Rustique, a special Christmas event taking place on November 9th, 10th, and 11th in Temecula, California. You will find further information regarding both of these topics on her November 1st and October 27th posts.


Tea Time and Roses said...

Thank you so much Karen for those beautiful sites... I already took a peek and will be going back for a little stay... The crown is such a pretty one, lucky for the winner! You and your family have a wonderful weekend...



melissa @ the inspired room said...

Thanks for the links! They sound delightful!


joan said...

Thanks for letting us know about these. I'll check it out right away. Take care!

Mary said...

KJ, you are just too much!!! How lovely to give me a 'plug' and to say it all so nicely - thank you very much.
Will be posting a lot more about the West Country of England - so do keep visiting.
Enjoy this weekend - Hugs.

Judy said...

I enjoyed these links so much and, of course, they led me to more lovely sites. Always a pleasure to visit your corner of the world!

hopetreestudio said...

Hey thanks for the listing on your blog I having another giveaway. Please come and sign-up. Plus I just launched my website. Thanks again Denise