Nov 2, 2007

A French-Inspired Satellite Party & Giveaway!

Les Rues De Paris by Marilyn Dunlap -

100th Post? Can it be?
"The Inspired Room" is rocking;
A celebration has commenced,
It has the bloggers talking!

Share your thoughts on Hostess gifts,
Your favorite appetizer;
The Giveaway will cause your joy
To surface like a geyser!

- Karen June Miller

There's nothing like a party to stir up the excitement, right? I'm not going to elaborate much since Melissa at The Inspired Room has spelled it out beautifully! She has designed a very clever soirée that won't have you inventing excuses to leave early!

I will say that there is chocolate involved, and that the Giveaway prizes are awesome! This party will continue until Monday (November 5th) and participation is welcome on each day of the party! BE SURE TO MENTION THAT KJ SENT YOU! Oh, and did I mention that there's chocolate?
  1. Click here to see the November 1st post with the instructions.
  2. Then click here to navigate to the 2nd installment on November 2nd.
  3. When you have finished the first 2 postings, the 3rd post (Saturday, November 3rd) may be accessed here.


  1. WOW! Do your talents never cease! That should be set to music! You rock! Tres bien!

    I can say with absolute certainty that you are my new BFF!

    Thanks for joining in and your wonderful contribution to the party!

  2. That's a great party over there!

    I changed the background on my blog back to the original, see if that helps. I'm only a toddler when it comes to computer issues.
    Hugs, DebraK


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