Nov 18, 2007

Hiatt & Peek - The Long Beach Marketplace

Yesterday, I participated in the annual Holiday Open House at Hiatt and Peek, located in the posh Long Beach Marketplace in Southern California. This "Specialty Gift Shoppe" is temptingly divine with offerings that appeal to a variety of tastes. Susy DeLucca, the gracious proprietor and a good friend, is passionate about fine and vintage collectibles, having visited her share of estate sales. Shoppers will find these well sought out treasures inserted amongst the newer and eclectic merchandise.

The perfect holiday cupboard!

Susy's sister, Carol James, designs the store's faux floral arrangements with remarkable flair. Her creations utilize unusual symmetry and unexpected surprises. I think it was Martha Stewart who once suggested that faux florals should never replace fresh flowers in the home. Martha has never seen Carol's work!


Antique furnishings abound in this shoppe! Although I love the clean and fresh look of Shabby Chic (and I do own 2 nightstands in this style), my taste in decor is decidedly provincial and I've always had a love affair with the natural grain of wood.

The Choir Loft

My good fortune is that I am invited to participate in this Holiday Open House! I usually have a small table of my own where I exchange holiday inspiration for sweet smiles. Often, I romance the store's merchandise by supplying the imagination for using purchases at home. Yesterday, I taught napkin folding and papercrafts, highlighting the gift card container and truffle box (shown below). Both of these items use Japanese washi paper and include a fresh sprig of rosemary and oregano.

Papercraft Gift Card Container and an Origami Truffle Box

Hiatt and Peek ~ (562) 594-6255


  1. The Marketplace has beautiful treasures! Karen thank you so much for your lovely comment on the blog today. Your words fill my heart with are wonderful and I appreciate you and your lovely blog so much! Look like lots of give-aways going on in blogland, they all are so much fun! You have a fabulous week!

  2. A beautiful place!
    Fun that you get to participate in the open house!


  3. KJ,

    What a beautiful place...I think I would be totally overwhelmed in there because I would HAVE to HAVE just about one of everything!!!

    I am so glad that you popped over to Mel's World...I'd love to see you back there soon, and would also love to hear more about your book!

    Melissa in Mel's World

  4. This place sounds wonderful! Kj, you are so supportive and generous, posting announcements and details about the talents of friends.You spread joy and humor through your blog!
    Thank you for that!

  5. Beautiful!! Wanted to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. Mary

  6. Lovely things to look at.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. I had an opportunity to explore through Hiatt & Peek"s store today and enjoy the treasure trove of future Christmas keepsakes and possible gifts. I made numerous trips through each beautifully arranged display and every time I would discover something that I had not seen previously.

    Susy and her staff are so helpful in assisting their customers. After one's concentrated brousing in which you are sure you have missed nothing, they will walk you to an item displayed in plain sight that you would have purchased immediately if you had seen it.

    A wonderful added plus to your "find" is their offer to wrap your purchase for you. I found myself wishing that they would offer to decorate my house for the season.

  8. Thanks to ALL of you for your comments! I wish that each of you could visit the store!

    Mom… I know what you mean about not seeing merchandise. There is so much to look at. I have made several rounds and can still expect to see items that were missed– and as you say– in plain sight! They wrap things beautifully, too! And, I love the store personnel! I feel like I have personal shoppers!

    Love you MOM,


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