Nov 1, 2007

Robert Goulet

I was saddened to hear about the passing of Robert Goulet earlier this week. He was 73. When he sang, my insides fluttered. His beautiful voice vibrated with such masculine protection and tenderness. As a singer myself, I know that my handsome husband would possess a voice just like this– if he could sing. My husband agrees.

Robert Goulet's trademark song was, "If Ever I Would Leave You," from Lerner and Loewe's Broadway musical, Camelot. In 1960, he portrayed the part of Lancelot in the Original Cast of Camelot, alongside Richard Burton and Julie Andrews. This was a springboard for all 3 careers. quoted Robert Goulet as he reminisced about beginning production with Camelot: "It was the first day of rehearsals and I was too shy to go out with Richard (Burton), Julie (Andrews) and that crowd," Goulet said in 2005, "so I just got some soup from a deli and brought it back to the rehearsal hall. Fritz Loewe was sitting at the piano and he said `Dear boy, let me show you your song.'" When Goulet had finished learning the number, he looked up to see Richard Burton standing there with his mouth agape. Richard Burton's declaration was, "The voice of an angel."

I'm sure this observation definitively marked the moment, since I once heard Richard read a phone book on television and it was akin to a recitation from Shakespeare!

Somewhere around 1972, I met Robert Goulet in Catalina, a small island located 22 miles off the coast of Southern California. (I was a young teenager at the time.) Word had gotten out that he was dining at a small cafe. A friend and I migrated directly to that location and waited for over an hour while Robert and his party finished their meal.

When he finally emerged, we stayed a healthy distance away and followed the group down to the beach. It was there that we gathered the courage to ask for his autograph. I remember that he was shorter than I had expected and that his blue eyes were astonishing! He was extremely pleasant. I'm pretty sure Carol Lawrence, his wife at that time, was there, too. Unfortunately, it wasn't until later that I became familiar with who she is.


  1. sad to hear ! condolence


  2. I enjoyed Robert Goulet too! I especially enjoyed the commercial for nuts that were on recently.

    What a wonderful blog you have here! Thank you for stopping by mine and saying HI :)


  3. Hi KJ,

    Thanks for stopping by and introducing yourself.

    I have never heard of Darin but I love Any Williams. Thanks for shaing that great video.

  4. Just read through your profile and I had to tell you that I LOVE Josh Grobin and am looking forward to getting his new Christmas CD. :-)

  5. Mr. Goulet will be missed, and what a beautiful voice he had. He also had a beautiful speaking voice, the kind that made you want to stop and listen...


  6. Hi, KJ!

    I enjoyed your tribute to Robert Goulet :) I, too, am a Josh Groban fan (also Dean Martin and Paul Anka). Thank you so much for stopping by Tallulah House.

    Have a great day,

  7. That was great. I love the oldies! Thanks for sharing this with me!

  8. Yes, Miss Paula, the oldies are GREAT! I keep watching this video clip of these fabulous entertainers in the prime of their lives! I like the clip better with each viewing! Not one of these men is still alive. It's so sad to no longer have some of this old magic!



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