Nov 8, 2007

A Matter of "Purge"ency

"Daily Something: Organizing." Uploaded on August 16, 2007 by tiffhewlett at (Click on photo to enlarge.)

While reading Tiff Hewlett's "daily something" entry expressing her considerable passion to organize, I smiled a knowing smile. She appears to be on a higher plain of organizational drivenness, but we do share common ground: the pleasure of visual results! One look at her orderly game closet and I know that I'm feeling some degree of her satisfaction.

I'm a highly visual person, thus I struggle to create when my environment is cluttered and askew. Disorganization is an insistent nag that distracts and steals my energy.

I have a looming list of projects that need to be tackled. I understand that "starting" is often the biggest victory, but my ignition sometimes needs convincing when my to-do list is off the page. I joke that I line up my hurdles by priority and start jumping!

I would subscribe to the motto, "once organized, always organized," except that my family tends to tamper with my success. Therein lies one of my dilemmas and a flashback to my youth. I recall my Dad's frustration when items from his office/art supply cupboard would mysteriously disappear and– if I was the culprit– they would just as mysteriously reappear! Now, as I confront my own family, I receive shrugs of classic innocence. I'm left wondering if the sock demon no longer favors socks!
My Dad has to be smiling right now!

Recently, when we were given 60 days to find a new home, I immediately launched into purging and having garage sales. I was adamant about not moving burdensome things to my new address. Even while house hunting, I managed to lighten our load; however, the items that had been delegated to my husband still made the move. To his credit, he did have major survival issues to focus on, but he admitted that procrastination had won. Add to this the fact that our hired mover was arrested at the last moment for an unpaid traffic citation! This necessitated moving– for the umpteenth time in my life– an old, "sold" Rembrandt upright piano that was to have been delivered somewhere else!

Currently, my garage is brimming with things that need departure, and I still have boxes of miscellany in my living room that either need discarding, shredding, or closure. I'm happy with my progress. Nevertheless, it's time to finish the job so that I can flow, unhindered, into my new season of creative pursuits.

As you can see, it's a matter of "purge"-ency, and I have a plan! I'll keep you posted . . .


  1. We recently organised a very messy garage, and found old paperwork from the 90s that we're not obligated to keep any longer. It has made for several cozy evenings fueling the fireplace!

  2. Happy purging to you!
    I just "liberated" a bin of its load of books today. It felt great!!!!
    Becky K.

  3. We've been trying to organize our storage room and garage. Yes, it's a great feeling to send unused items off to charity or to a new home! An organized space equals serenity for me.
    Good luck with your "purge", KJ!

  4. Good For You!
    That is one of those things that is liberating... once it is done. It can also be a black cloud hanging over your head. (so I says to myself)

  5. YES!!! Organization is wonderful. To live clutterless (is that a word?), is much less stressful. One thing that I have found in my newfound singleness, is that I love to come home to my neat & tidy home. No clutter on the kitchen counter, no dishes in the sink (well, most of the time), just carpeting on the freshly vacuumed floor. The atmosphere is one of peace, tranquility, and contentment. I face another move in April. A good time to go through a few more things, to live a bit more minimalistic...aaaahhh peace, tranquility, and contentment. Happy organizing to you :)


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