Nov 4, 2007

Tea Time Magazine ~ Holiday Issue

Yesterday, I picked up the November/December 2007 Special Holiday Issue of Tea Time magazine. It is a stirring periodical that is not just for the tea lover.

When I receive a magazine, I'm not always afforded the luxury of sitting down immediately to peruse it. Often, I do a quick flip through the pages to somewhat satiate my curiosity and give myself a preview of coming attractions.

This particular issue was difficult to put down! There is so much to glean! For starters, there are 2 articles that pertain to Colonial Williamsburg: one includes an interview with a Tea Mistress, and the other covers traditional Christmas celebrations. There are at least 9 wreath photos boasting an array of intrigue and design, and including items such as pomegranates, pineapples, seashells, pods, dried citrus, and orange zest twirls. In addition to wreaths, Williamsburg is alluringly transformed with garlands, window treatments, and swags.

For those of you who are savvy to iTunes, there is a wonderfully enlightening podcast entitled, Colonial Williamsburg Podcasts. These podcasts are about 10 to 20 minutes in length and cover historical facts, dramatic reenactments, storytelling, and current excavations. Be sure to check out the 2006 Christmas podcasts entitled, 18th Century Christmas, and Christmas Carols You Thought You Knew.

Tea Time's Indulgences include Fig-sweetened scones, Fish and Chips with Gribiche Sauce, Mini Stilton Cheesecakes with Pecan Crusts, and Turkey Salad Crostini with Cranberry Relish. My mouth is flooding! There is also a section entitled, Dreaming of a White Christmas, which features fabulous finger foods and sweet treats– many with a white theme. Dreamy!

Additionally, there is a plethora of decorating stimulus, and purchasing information for both Thanksgiving and Christmas. Several of the ads have even tickled my fancy, meaning that I have further exploring to do!

Photos were taken of the current Tea Time magazine issue. Subscription information, recipes, and events can be obtained from this site.


  1. Colonial Williamsburg is a place I've always wanted to visit! I do the same with magazines. I flip through me first and then later take me time looking at everything. The pictures look yummy - I'll have to see if I can find this issue!


  2. Karen what a beautiful magazine... The recipes are wonderful, and the layouts are just lovely... I will visit the site and take a look at some of the delicious recipes... Thanks so much for sharing.

    Have a most lovely week...


  3. OH ME! Now I'll have to go get this one! Karen June you are a bad influence on me...

  4. Miss Shabby . . . I guess it's ok to be a bad influence from time to time.

    Thanks to ALL of you for stopping by!


  5. I absolutely LOVE Colonial Williamsburg! (And the non-colonial part is nice, too!) I've never been there at Christmastime, but it's a sight to see when it's decorated for the holidays (I have family who live nearby, and they go there often). There's also a year-round Christmas shop with wonderful of-the-era merchandise.


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