Dec 13, 2007

The Creative Spirit

Aside from the obvious theme of this vintage postcard, I was fascinated by it's similarities to my own nature. I'm not a painter, but I am compelled to create. Rarely, can I touch a thing without transforming it somehow: taking ownership, signing my name to it.

Had this furry friend been painted as is, the finished product would have, no doubt, been charming. However, imagination gave this model a role to play, as well as a story that will be translated differently by each one of us.


  1. What a sweet post Karen. I love all the wonderful images you share with us.... Thank you so very much! You have a most wonderful weekend.



  2. I LOVE that card. Now, I really must check my postcard collection to see if I have a holiday gem to share.

  3. Hello KJ:-) Thank you so much for dropping by my blog and leaving a comment...I so enjoy meeting new people! I've just read your last few posts and I love the way you show how to fold napkins to look like a Christmas tree...that is just brilliant! This vintage postcard is so adorable...I collect vintage Christmas cards and will do a post of them one day soon. I so love the designs from back then:-) xox

  4. That is a great card. And as for the creativity, it is a good thing...go with it!
    Becky K.

  5. I think your creativity is amazing. I had to stop by and say that I was so excited about an earlier post you had with the Christmas tree fold napkins. Since I wasn't finding 2 sided napkins anywhere my dear friends who sews said she would make them for me. So I found 2 lovely Christmas fabrics and she's stitching up napkins. I can't wait to set the Christmas table! Thanks for sharing your creativity.


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