Dec 1, 2007

Good Taste & Christmas Fun

  • Although my blog is not specifically about food, I do identify with Tea at Tea and Cookies. Tea's witty account, Diary of a Mad Food Blogger, dishes up some tasty insight into how blogging captured her time and attention. Eventually, her blog became the springboard for a soon to be published book, which is elaborated in her post, Gratitude! Tea proves that there is nothing like a good marriage of food and storytelling. Her soul-tingling treks invite, delight, and excite the culinary passions in all of us—and her recipes are wondrous!
  • Scroll 4 posts down to read my Daddy's first blog comment under the title, "Long Beach, The Pike, & The Cyclone Racer." In his post he reminisces about his boyhood memories at The Pike!
  • Jenny at Allsorts, offers free whimsical patterns and tutorials for your Christmas pleasure. You may select felted projects such as: an elf clog, a tiny button tree, and a peppermint star. If you are looking for a high resolution alphabet to integrate into newsletters or projects and/or Christmas gift labels, you will find simple solutions ready for printing and clipping! Equally fun are her 2 interactive web pages: Home Sweet Home, where an online gingerbread house is decorated, or Dress Zoe Christmas Edition, a virtual paper doll waiting for her Christmas garb. Hey, never mind that it says, "Illustration for Children," at the top! It's time for the inner child to come out to play!
  • Check out the The 2007 Countdown Calendar from Ten Two Studios. It is an Advent Calendar of sorts, where each day reveals a new set of downloadable vintage clip art. The downloads are free as long as you place a link on your blog to her site.


  1. Fun! I always get some fun new curtains to peak behind.

  2. Thanks Karen!! Have a fabulous week!

    Hugs to you...


  3. thanks for the links...blessings, rebecca

  4. Great post, and yes I did email my address to you last week, it may be in your spam folder?? I sent it again today. Thank you sooo much, i can't wait!!!

  5. You find the greatest things! Thanks for sharing them!


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