Dec 17, 2007

Today's Bouquets

Artella "Caroling" Kit 2007

My holiday hurdles were lined up by priority and I started jumping! Now, as I come up for air, I marvel that it's behind me. With Divine assistance, I...
  • completed a course entitled EE through my church
  • filled the role of comic auctioneer for a prison ministry fund raiser
  • spoke for a women's ministry where I also sang and led worship with a wonderful singer-friend
  • performed in a 2-person sketch for a Christmas banquet
  • hosted a Christmas Showcase that featured my drama and voice students
  • acted as MC for a Christmas presentation
What an honor it is to be able to participate in so many positive and life-changing events!

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  1. Put me to shame KJ!! I especially like the sound of number two for some reason. That would be fun. I wish I could have been with you for all of those activities...I might even sing with, come to my blog and we will do a duet with the other ladies as our backup!


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