Jul 3, 2007

Birdie Swap ~ Apron

Here is another one of my "flights of fancy!" For the last decade, I have been collecting new and vintage aprons! Aprons evoke so many childhood memories. I love playing domestic dress up—so to speak—slipping into an apron as if it were a mood.

I have tried to rewind in order to determine where this attraction came from. The TV show, "Father Knows Best" is probably my most significant connection. Although my mother did not regularly don an apron, I always felt that aprons were the "serious" way to manage a home. After all, it worked for Jane!

Agnes was my neighbor growing up, and she had a daughter named Karen Marie who was my age. (My name is Karen June, so you can imagine Agnes calling out both of our names at once with her mid-western twang bending the syllables!) Agnes was quite the seamstress and I remember her making matching shifts and scarves for my Barbie and me. I also recall that she made us aprons!

A few houses down, Debbie's mom, Shirley, was always neatly attired in an apron when she served the family meals. The table was elegantly set for breakfast the night before with matching linens and egg cups at each place setting. For me, it was always about the apron...

Birdie Swap ~ Apron
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Birdie Swap ~ Seeds

Ah, swaps! Fanciful! Fulfilling! Gratifying from both the giving and receiving perspectives. I have engaged in swaps for years, but since my discovery of, my exhilaration for the art of exchange has been enlarged exponentially! One's wildest fancy can be typed into the search engine and scores of personal photos unveil themselves– sometimes by the 1000's! And, in the interest of blessing with a wee budget, there is a bevy of inspiration!

Jul 2, 2007


Today is my first official day of galumphing on my newly created blog! My creativity is being sparked as I find myself in a new abode -- with a barely-there budget -- and 2 adolescent boys energizing the foundations. I am eager to see where this blogging adventure takes me. Please climb aboard.