Aug 25, 2007

Check out Sandra Evertson's "wacky world"...

If you aren't immediately familiar with the name Sandra Evertson, perhaps you are acquainted with her work. She is a regular contributor to Romantic Homes, Somerset Studio Magazine, and to all of Stampington & Company's various periodicals. She has written 2 books: Fanciful Paper Projects and more recently, Fanciful Paper Flowers. She has released 2 rubber stamp lines through Stampington & Company. In addition to this, she is a featured artist in an inspirational book entitled, "Where Women Create": something I am utilizing to create my own workspace.

Mary from Across the Pond introduced me to Sandra's blog. This is wonderful timing because Sandra is celebrating her first month of blogging by GIVING AWAY one of her EGGLETTES: hand-painted egg creatures fashioned after Humpty Dumpty! She also has some vintage style clipart that can be downloaded for free.

So, Om-lette-ing you know that you can't beat these eggs, so scramble on over to meet her egg-citing little crew! And, Happy First Month, Sandra!

Aug 23, 2007

The Romance of the Nest

After reading DebraK’s post entitled “The Nest” from her blog, the Bunnies’ Bungalow, I began to consider my own nesting space. In a 3-bedroom home with a family of 5, I have need of more than one nest. My French inspired boudoir is my most intimate place of escape and repose, except that my husband works in the early mornings and sleeps during the day. With this room mostly unavailable, my only existing option is our spacious living room.

DebraK’s nest photo showed an inviting white sofa with luxurious throw blankets and pillows in burgundy, gold, and white. I took pause as I pictured my 2 sons on a white sofa– too painful! Instead, my sage colored recliner sofa is resilient enough for large servings of boyhood, and easily transformed into a cozy nest. (I am certain that I have experienced zero gravity on this couch!)

My solid oak desk is sometimes the best nest, although it is located in the living room: the epicenter. It is definitely not a quiescent oasis, but it does afford me the opportunity to open wide the valves of my expression. I’m able to capture, process and even soliloquize. I find freedom in the cleansing.

Yes, my desk is also home to technology and electrical cords. Nevertheless, a true romantic– and I am one– carves out her space. Even lacking physical walls, a nest is defined by its building materials and the treasures it holds. And, my desk haven does abound with romantic treasures.

Romance, however, is sometimes a mixed-media affair. My desk is bedecked with magnolia flower bookends that brace books ranging from a hymnal to volumes on writing style. A brass desk bell is within reach for when I am needful of attention (I’ll settle for the moans of my children). A tea light flickers through dried flowers pressed between glass, and partners with the thousands of illuminated pixels from my laptop. I hear the smooth jazz strains of “Stranger on the Shore” from my blog and then, "VLADIMIR GUERRERO HITS ONE STRAIGHT-AWAY-CENTER AND IT'S OVER THE FENCE!" My husband bellows, my almost teenage son squeaks with undecided vocal cords, and the televised Los Angeles Angels game has fans jumping in joyful chorus! Our two worlds merge suddenly.

Aug 22, 2007

Featured Blog: 100 Years of Illustration - Paul Giambarba

This is a fabulously intriguing blog by Paul Giambarba, a prestigious illustrator, designer, and author. This site is a virtual museum where the visitor can saunter down illustrious aisles of scrumptious artwork, pausing to read interesting facts behind the artist and illustrations. The archives are impressive, featuring artists such as Charles Dana Gibson of Gibson Girl fame, Norman Rockwell, and French illustrator Maurice Boutet de Monvel.

This Norman Rockwell illustration appeared on the cover of Saturday Evening Post on August 5, 1939. It is one of many magazine covers compiled in Norman Rockwell: 332 Magazine Covers and are copyright © 1979 by Cross River Press, Ltd., and Copyright © Curtis Publishing Co. wherever applicable.

Aug 21, 2007

First Field Trip: Paris to the Moon

I finally made it to Paris to the Moon in Costa Mesa, California! I even called for the store hours beforehand! Fancy that... Once again, the freeways were kind to me and I arrived with plenty of time to drink in the carbonated energy of this unusual shop!

My first positive connection with the store was meeting Kerri Judd. She is not the owner, but she is the Empress of Inspire, managing the shop's ebb and flow. She has an engaging childlike enthusiasm for all things creative and we were immediately on the same page.

Speaking of pages, Kerri co-authored a book with Danyel Montecinos entitled, Crowns & Tiaras. It's a whimsically wonderful book encouraging women to don their crowns and live the regal life! It is packed with one-of-a-kind projects from well known mixed-media artists, including Pam Garrison, the one whose blog introduced me to Paris to the Moon. This book just happened to be on my Wish List, so I purchased a copy and had Kerri sign it. Kerri addressed it to "Her Royal Highness Karen: The Drama Queen." My mandate? Walk loftily and carry a big sceptor...

The store also carries 2 other books listed on my Wish List– an excellent reason for a return visit! The merchandise oozes nostalgia, vintage chic, French flair, and even some "gaudy"! My purchase was modest; however, I plan to return for the Summer Artist Market this Saturday, August 25th. It will feature a number of mixed-media artists.

This was my very first photo journaling field trip. For your perusal, I have included a variety of photos that help to capture the peculiar nature of this store.

Before you get too excited, this statuesque bust is not for sale. However, I was intrigued by the luminous backlight and the ephemera surrounding it.

Here is the same bust looking like it belongs on Disney's Pirates ride.

Eye-full towers of treasures!

Beautiful handmade blankets accompanied by vintage style!

I don't want to grow up!!!

Tags for sale! Handmade gift tags for that extra special touch!

More froufrou!

And here is Crowns & Tiaras, along with some lovely reminders of my childhood.

949 642-0942
(There is no website as of yet.)

Note: Clicking on the photos will enlarge the details to almost life-sized proportions.

Aug 20, 2007

You B-log to me...

After making many satisfying visits to other blogs, I have returned to my own blog-home with a sense of joy that I now belong to this warm community! In fact, in my playful pup sort of way I even exclaimed, "You B-log to me," on one of my returns! You can groan if you like...

Since July 2nd of this year, I have already had over 500 perusals of my profile. (I did discover, while making minor adjustments to my profile, that Blogger counts my visits as well.) Even my heritage is well represented in that I have had visits from the United Kingdom, Denmark, Norway, France, and Portugal! And, I am well over half way to my 100th post. I'm planning a humdinger of a celebration, too!

Today, as the above photo evokes images of a relaxing spa experience, I decided to do an acrostic on the word PAMPER. I enjoy looking up common words and while looking up pamper, I found out that it probably originates from the Dutch word pamperen– and that it's archaic meaning is "to cram with rich food: glut"! No wonder I love the word!

I invite you to post your own versions of this acrostic and what the word represents to YOU.

Attention to self
Meaningful diversion
Premeditated nap
Enjoy each moment


  1. As a follow-up to my July 24th post entitled "20/20," I stumbled upon some relief for my pocketbook! I was referred to a place in Placentia called Ultimate Discount. There I found a bundled package of 2 pairs of reading glasses and 3 cases! I paid $7.99 instead of the usual $10.00 plus for one pair of glasses without the case. It helps that this store is stocked with retired Costco merchandise. With all the misplacing and breakage of my eyeglasses, my husband will thank me. And, it doesn't hurt that Jo-Ann's and Tuesday Morning are located on the same piece of property.
  2. Speaking of Jo-Ann's– They are having a sale that features discounts up to 40% off on ALL of their papercrafting supplies! I picked up a Crop-a-dile and the newest Fall Matstacks for 40% off! The sale concludes on August 25th.
  3. Today, I get to take a gorgeous layaway item home! I will be sure to include a photo!