Oct 27, 2007

Crocs Galore: A Return to "Blending In"

Crocs - Color
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On September 3rd, I posted a piece entitled, "Blending In." My post responded to an article that I had seen in my local newspaper. Although it wasn't strictly about Crocs, the article rubbed me the wrong way in regard to attitudes toward Americans. From the comments many of you left, I was not alone.

Well, Leesa, an American Transplant in Paris, has added some comments to this post that just might thrill those who were riding the bandwagon with me. You may revisit this post by clicking here.

Also, Leesa is originally from the San Diego area, a major hot spot for the ongoing fires. She posted a heartfelt letter from a San Diego friend who had to evacuate. You can read that here.

Oct 26, 2007

Friday Update

Greetings! Many thanks to ALL OF YOU who have posted prayerful and poignant comments regarding the ongoing fires in California. We obviously have a ways to go before the fires are quenched. I wish to encourage all of you to add the multitudes of displaced families to your long term prayer lists. As we all know, the process of rebuilding a life is arduous and often very slow.

Reminder: The Haiku contest ends tomorrow night, Saturday, October 27th at 11:59 Pacific Standard Time. The information is 5 posts down. The winner will receive a $15.00 Starbucks card. It's easy and fun!

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Oct 22, 2007


"Let's Go Haiku-ku" Contest!

The winner will receive a 

$15.00 Starbucks Card!

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Please Pray for Southern California!

Jeans flap in the Santa Ana winds as Witch Creek is under siege. This fire has already devasted over 10,000 acres and structures east of Ramona, in the eastern part of San Diego County. (Photo courtesy of Fred Greaves/Reuters - ABC News)

One of my blogging friends commented today on the overcast skies in her town, hoping that our Southern California weather was treating us better. This triggered a bit of melancholy in me because we're dealing with intense wildfires right now. Yesterday's sunset was like viewing a blinding fireball through tobacco-stained sheers. Our drought conditions have made us vulnerable to the slightest spark, and the Santa Ana winds bring out the dark, morbid power trips of pyromaniacs. These factors appear to be worsening every year.

I am not in any immedaite danger here in North Orange County, but I am surrounded by numerous fires; 16 to be exact. This morning, my bare feet met with a chalky residue on my front walkway. In fact, this residue was everywhere. Under a smoky sky, it occurred to me that I was stepping on what was left of many homes and businesses. Even a church has burned down . . . and it isn't over.

I've listened to media coverage and looked at photos. More than once, the features that have been highlighted first pertain to Malibu– an area inhabited by many of Hollywood's elite. I will admit that I have become a tad weary with the excessive attention given to celebrities, but in the face of disaster, everyone matters. Reports concerning other trouble spots will be somewhat general, but when Malibu is mentioned, reference is often made to who lives there. I don't want to see anyone suffer loss! Nevertheless, when I look at the above photo, my heart breaks thinking that this may be the extent of what this person owns.

Please add your prayers to this battle . . .

  • As of this morning, only 1% of the San Diego Country fire was contained. This area has suffered the largest losses.

State of the Art

When I study old photos depicting the obsolete tools of the trade, I am filled with curiosity. My first thought: this typewriter was once considered "state of the art." The above model is a Smith Premiere upstrike typewriter. It was considered a blind-writer because it typed on the underside of the paper and the typist was unable to see the text.

Many of us are so conditioned to computers that we forget that typewriters are still being manufactured. However, imagine back to the late 1800's when a typist sat down to a brand new Remington No. 2, their fingers engaging the pristine keys; each strike resonating against the room's hard surfaces. The flickers of an oil lamp bouncing off of the typewriter's polished steel and brass. It was tactile, sensory, and productive. If it was anything akin to using my PowerBook G4 for the first time, I'm sure it had to be thrilling!

Online Christmas Craft Fair, November 23rd! Hosted by Miss Shabby!

While taking my daily cyber walk to Miss Shabby's eye-full towers of wonder and whimsy, I beheld her newest venture! Rather than paraphrase, I'm going to let Miss Shabby say this in her own enthusiastic way...

Miss Shabby said, "They are happening everywhere! Craft fairs and bazaars in large towns and small towns and I thought blogland needed one as well, or two or three! The day after Thanksgiving let's have our handmade items ready to show and share. Come here to leave your invitations on that day. Everyone will come shopping to each blog. Won't it be fun? We'll save our pennies and be ready to get some nice items for gifts or for keeping (there's always a little of that going on too, isn't there?) Let's be ready to package the items in a festive way so that when they are opened~another surprise! Can I count you in? Don't forget to take this ad and post it on your blog. Thank you and well, Merry Christmas! (we are supposed to keep it in our hearts all year, aren't we?"