Nov 23, 2007

We have a winner . . .

Thanks to ALL who participated in my "Give Thanks" Giveaway! I was inspired by your thoughtful comments regarding giving thanks! Gratitude– as a lifestyle– propels the soul!

I placed all of the entries into my glass, cranberry colored basket. My daughter, Briana, was given the honor of drawing the winner . . . and that lovely individual is . . .

Congratulations to Sheila of Gim'Me Memories. You have won the TeaTime Magazine 2008 Calendar plus a little surprise! May the calendar inspire you to indulge and experiment with the wonders of tea!

I'm going to give Sheila a chance to find this out through the grapevine. She links with a few ladies who visit here regularly. Sheila, when you hear the news, drop me an email with your address included and I will give you the particulars.

Nov 22, 2007


This Thanksgiving painting by Norman Rockwell, 
embodies our freedoms. (Notice Norman's double 
self portraits in the 2 lower corners.)

I'm thankful for the freedom to assemble with those we love and the bounty that God has enabled us to share!

A Returning Marine - Norman Rockwell

I'm thankful for our Soldiers and the price they pay for freedom– often far beyond the battlefields.

Nov 21, 2007

An Attitude of Gratitude

Cornucopia Fine Art Print -

Recently, I was reminded of Corrie Ten Boom's plight in the Nazi prison camps. Corrie and her sister, Betsie, were imprisoned for hiding Jews and members of the Dutch underground workers in their Holland home during WWII. The sisters spent 10 months in 3 concentration camps; Betsie eventually died during their time at the infamous Ravensbruck.

The barrack conditions were unbearable, being located very close to the crematorium and the overwhelming stench of prison atrocities. Add to this the hours that the prisoners were forced to stand at attention in freezing temperatures and their cramped, flea infested quarters.

When being admitted to the camp, Corrie had miraculously smuggled in a Bible under her cotton dress. This enabled the ladies to conduct Bible studies, made easier by the fact that the soldier's rarely made visits. At one point, Betsie suggested that the prisoners give thanks to the Lord for their situation. Betsie quoted I Thessalonians 5:18 (NKJ), "In everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you." Corrie struggled with this, especially since she could not fathom the idea of thanking the Lord for fleas! Betsie reminded Corrie that God didn't limit thanksgiving to perfect situations, but that gratitude was all inclusive.

It is interesting to note that the scripture states, "In everything," not for everything. This makes a notable difference in our approach because an "attitude of gratitude" basically acknowledges that God is continuously in control and working behind the scenes. There is always something to be thankful for, even if it's simply to rehearse what God has already accomplished for us and what His Word promises in present circumstances.

It was later that the ladies learned of why the soldiers were so scarce. The reason? Fleas!

[Corrie Ten Boom is the author of The Hiding Place. Through the efforts of the Ten Boom family and their many friends, it is estimated that 800 Jewish lives were saved. In Jewish tradition, only very blessed people are allowed to die on their Birthdays. Corrie passed away on her 91st Birthday on April 15th, 1983.]

Nov 19, 2007

Another Giveaway

Faux Pumpkin and Bird House Arrangement,
Better Homes and Gardens

Beverly at Tea Time & Roses is hosting a Giveaway to celebrate her 50th post! [Deadline: Friday, November 23rd at Midnight PST.] Beverly is a tremendously gifted woman in the crafting community. Loveliness permeates each of her posts. Her beautiful photos capture her latest projects, as well as her walks through the garden! Be sure to watch for the grand opening of her new online shop!

Nov 18, 2007

Thanksgiving Joys

Joys, Girl Herding Turkeys - Fine Art Print,

Hiatt & Peek - The Long Beach Marketplace

Yesterday, I participated in the annual Holiday Open House at Hiatt and Peek, located in the posh Long Beach Marketplace in Southern California. This "Specialty Gift Shoppe" is temptingly divine with offerings that appeal to a variety of tastes. Susy DeLucca, the gracious proprietor and a good friend, is passionate about fine and vintage collectibles, having visited her share of estate sales. Shoppers will find these well sought out treasures inserted amongst the newer and eclectic merchandise.

The perfect holiday cupboard!

Susy's sister, Carol James, designs the store's faux floral arrangements with remarkable flair. Her creations utilize unusual symmetry and unexpected surprises. I think it was Martha Stewart who once suggested that faux florals should never replace fresh flowers in the home. Martha has never seen Carol's work!


Antique furnishings abound in this shoppe! Although I love the clean and fresh look of Shabby Chic (and I do own 2 nightstands in this style), my taste in decor is decidedly provincial and I've always had a love affair with the natural grain of wood.

The Choir Loft

My good fortune is that I am invited to participate in this Holiday Open House! I usually have a small table of my own where I exchange holiday inspiration for sweet smiles. Often, I romance the store's merchandise by supplying the imagination for using purchases at home. Yesterday, I taught napkin folding and papercrafts, highlighting the gift card container and truffle box (shown below). Both of these items use Japanese washi paper and include a fresh sprig of rosemary and oregano.

Papercraft Gift Card Container and an Origami Truffle Box

Hiatt and Peek ~ (562) 594-6255