Jan 8, 2008

Back to Nature: Another Fiftyish Revelation

"Dinner Guests" by Marjolein Bastin

When last we chatted, you will remember my impassioned, hot-flashing solo of,
"I flit, I float, I fleetly flee! I fly," from The Sound of Music! You may also recall—thanks to the letter "F"—that I was feathering my nest in preparation for my upcoming 50th Birthday. Well, wouldn't it have been appropriate to have seen this feathered and furry menagerie [left] having breakfast on my patio this morning! Wild calling unto wild...

I was prompted to post this Marjolein Bastin print due to the inspiration of Rosemary at Roses Petite Maison. She was getting all fluttery about birds and nests which reminded me of something I just acknowledged about myself: I'm returning to my love of nature with great enthusiasm!

Lately, I find myself acquiring bird themed embroidery or knick-knacks, gorgeous seashells, weathered iron pine cone candle holders, nature prints and so on. Even my French decor is imbued with earthy tones.

At 19 years of age, after launching off on my own, there was an innovative shopping complex in Long Beach, California named Marina Pacifica. (
It's still there; however, its refurbished state bears little resemblance to its beginnings.) It was a woodsy maze of wonderfully individual shops, with sea breezes wafting through the wood posts and portals. The aromas from Cookie Muncher's Paradise would ride the breezes like surfers on waves. One shop was creatively devoted to nature and featured a wooden bridge that crossed over a small indoor pond. I purchased pottery, incense, candles, plants, handwoven baskets, and small natural wood boxes.

Although I derived a great deal of pleasure from bringing the earth indoors, my interests led me through a few detours in the following decades. I retained some of the "nature" theme while playing with other decorative trends. But, alas, nature began seeping through the cracks of my temporary diversions.

"Autumn Celebration" by Marjolein Bastin -


  1. I'm also attracted to birds & seashells & all those nature-y things too. And not sure when the Big Day arrives, but looking forward to celebrating with you. My big 5-0 was a year ago, so here's to a fun & inspiring year.


  2. Kimberley what a lovely post! I just adore the work of Marjolein Bastin, what a beautiful nature artist she is and I can hardly ever resist her beautiful stationary! Continue to enjoy all the natural beauty around you, be sure and let us help you celebrate your birthday!! :o)



  3. It is amazing that after the dust clears in your mind you do gravitate to the things you loved before. Good luck. I think turning 50 was the best thing in my life. It is freeing. Just wait, you'll see.

  4. Love the Autumn print.
    Bringing the outdoors in is such a great element.
    Thanks so much for mentioning my blog today.

  5. I, for one, am so glad you are welcoming nature back into your home. I love Marjolein Bastin. My kitchen has some of her "herb" items.

    I am eagerly awaiting the celebrations of your big 5-0 as the day approaches.



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