Feb 4, 2008

St. Arbucks

Close to Home by John McPherson -

When I first laid eyes on this cartoon, I responded with a heartfelt, "Yes!" John McPherson captured my feelings perfectly. No, I have not launched a boycott of any sorts against St. Arbucks (Starbucks), and I have been known to give away their gift cards, even recently on this blog. Simply put, St. Arbucks is never my first choice in coffee as long as I have other options. And certainly with this caffeinated institution so prominent in our communities — sometimes only an inch apart — my visits are based solely on convenience and a lack of choices.

It has nothing to do with the product. It has everything to do with the neighborhood bully. I have seen many thriving Mom and Pop coffee businesses forced out of existence by a
St. Arbucks moving in next door when there was already another location a minute or so away. The charm and hometown atmosphere of a privately owned business slowly disappears into the shadows of corporate domination.

This was proved out when a quaint little coffee shop opened its doors near Long Beach State University. It began to draw customers content to have decent coffee without logos stamped on their beverage containers. Within a few short months, a representative of
St. Arbucks showed up to make an offer on their business, explaining that their facility — located 1/16th of a mile up the street — didn't have enough parking. Their offer was declined; however, when the owners had to sell their business due to health issues, that St. Arbucks rep had vaporized.

I have never understood how something as enormous as
St. Arbucks can feel threatened by small business. Some people aren't happy until they have it all. As a kid, I was not fond of bullies. I don't like them any better now.


  1. Oh my...this world is certainly different than the one we grew up in and that one was different than that of the settlers who lived almost completely from the land.

    With the advent of McDonalds, the chain stores were established and we were off.

    We try to visit our local business owners often...however we are often found at fast food joints...we try to blame that on the children. LOL

    Becky K.

  2. I soooo agree with you! The town I live in is growing really fast--we have a nice coffee shop that has been here about a year--starbucks just built 6 doors down--it's just not right! And I love any coffee other than starbucks--my least favorite-tooo bitter!
    brenda bliss

  3. Here here totally agree with you there! Even though I do go to a lot of the multi national big companies, St. Arbucks is one that I just haven't been to. I much prefer the coffee at a small cafe. Plus it's cheaper!!! and you get better service. They won't stop till they have it all will they

  4. I agree too. Starbucks has run out a lot of good competition. They are even in the grocery stores in our area now. Can't people make coffee at home anymore?


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